Minor League Recap - 5-9-15

Minor League Player of The Night - 

Honorable Mention -

AAA - Las Vegas - 

    LHSP Duane Below

        Mack - Below is the latest member to the ever changing 51's roation this young season. He comes to the Mets after pitching last year for AAA-Toledo (22-G, 21-starts, 8-5, 3.70, 1.41) His problem was control... only 62 strikeouts in 116.2 innings pitched plus a whopping 41 walks. Below is a 6-2 left hander who was a 19th round (2006) pick out of Lake Michigan College (where do you find these schools? Do you drive down highways and just take exits when some sign tells you some college is coming up?)

AA - Binghamton (18-11) 5 - Akron (12-17) 4

    RHSP Michael Fulmer -  5.0-IP, 5-H, 1-R, 4-K, 2-BB, 3.60

    C Xorge Carillo - 2-3, 1-R, .319

    RHRP Paul Sewald - 0.2-IP, 4-H, 3-R, 0-K, 1-BB, 1.62

        Mack - these were Sewald's firsr runs given up this season

A+ - Charlotte (20-10) 5  -   St. Lucie (13-17) 2

    RHSP Kevin McGowan -   5.2-IP, 5-H, 5-R, 3-K, 4-BB, 6.58

    CF Xeixon Ruiz  -  4-4, 1-R, 2.68

    RHRP Jake Kuebler - 1.1-IP, 0-H, 0-R, 0-K, 0-BB, 0.00

A - Savannah -

    RHSP Josh Prevost -   6.0-IP, 4-H, 1-R, 3-K, 0-BB, 5.40


Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, Below won't be satisfieduntil he gets ABOVE the minor league level.

Castellanos for Kirk's spot? I'm down wit' dat. Ceciliani is moving up the leader charts. I just wish we had more guys with homer pop, and don't know what exactly to make of Darrell? A possible 5th OF, or a Brett Gardner type?

Vicente Lupo is showing signs of pulling out of his no-hit, hi-k batting funk with a 4 game streak of 4-12 with just 2 Ks. Maybe the dark days are over.

The Closer said...

If anything, Ceciliani for Kirk since we need someone that can both play CF and be a LH bat off the bench. Caste llanos is a RH and can't play CF, which would push Grandersons to CF in the event we needed a CF in a pinch.

Mack Ade said...

Hey Closer - been awhile...

I too would promote Ceciliani and send down Kirk for the last time. Time marches on and, in my organization, the Nieuwenhuis experiment would be over.

I would DFA KIrk and, if he's not claimed by another team, I would probably return him to Vegas until I decided that Nimmo was ready to play there.

Just me.

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