Q and A w/Mack – Dilson Herrera


Shelly asked –

            Hey Mack, long time reader here, first time question asker (lol). 
Second baseman Dilson Herrera has joined the Mets, pushing Daniel Murphy over to third base until David Wright comes back. What happens then?

 Mack – Hey Shelly.

Frankly, what happens next will determine on how Herrera and Murph handle themselves during this period that Wright is still rehabbing in Florida.

We watched Herrera sort of come out of his shell last night with three hits and three RBIs. We know he’s a better defensive second baseman than Murphy, so if he can hit his way on to this team, my guess he will not be sent down.

My hopes are that Herrera would replace Ruben Tejada as the first infielder coming off the bench plus add some oomph as a pinch hitter. Let’s face it… he won last night’s game for the Mets. There always is a benefit of having a player like this play every day but I would rather have him here in Queens defending the current first place position of this team.

I know… your next question would be who starts, Herrera or Murphy. That’s like asking me who would be the starting catcher when Travis Arnaud comes back.

The important thing is the next group of players that will be added to the 25-man squad are the ones that originally were there and never should have been replaced. Only the placement of them on the disabled list created the opportunities for guys like Herrera and Kevin Plawecki and we are all better off for them joining the team.


Lew Rhodes said...

Mack - no way Herrera stays up and on the bench

My guess is we just saw the start of Murphy's "super utility" career - he can play 3 infield positions and (in desparation) can stand in the outfield

He will soon be the LH bench bat when Monell goes back down

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Lew, that is of course if you are not made the everyday 2B LOL. Dilson hopefully is stayin' and playin'. 'Cause when Murph's in the field, we all start prayin'.

I took a look at Matt Reynolds, too, over 2014 and 2015 to date: 153 games (pretty muchlike a full major league season, with a game off every 3 weeks), 199 hits,110 runs, .341 average. 122 Ks, 61 walks. Ithink 30 steals. .380+ in spring training. I'd say he is either ready now or by end of June. Decisions will have to be made.

Thomas Brennan said...

@ Chris - Thor pitched 8 great innings, K'd 8,ended up with 3 hits, and Leathersich perfect inning 2 Ks. My, my, my.

My player of the last few days,Travis T, adds 2 hits and a walk today, up to .370.

14 in a row. Fourteen!

STAY IN VEGAS!! They stunk in Buffalo.

eraff said...

I've always been a Taijeron Fan....hard to dismiss the power...possible OBP skill as well, despite the lack of contact.

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