It's Thursday, and it's time for our next episode of "Who's... And Who's Not."


Let's start with a weather recap by franchise.


In terms of how hot each of the teams are, the Las Vegas 51s are red hot, winners of 12 straight through Tuesday,  with Binghamton almost as hot, while St Lucie is having fits and starts but has been slightly hot. 


Savannah? Well, not so hot.


Runs for and against, and team batting averages and ERAs follow for the 4 squads:


  • Las Vegas (18-8): 167 runs, 105 runs against, .307, 3.97 ERA.  Wow. 
  • Binghamton (15-10): 118 runs, 116 runs against, .275, 4.18 ERA 
  • St. Lucie (13-13): 113 runs, 105 runs against, .252, 3.28 ERA  
  • Savannah (8-16): 96 runs, 114 runs against, .246, 4.20 ERA

The Mets space shuttle has added an extra Lear Jet to transport promoted and demoted players to and from the minors, at least one would think so, considering all the minor league activity: 


Monell up, Campbell up and then down, Leathersich up and then down, Montero down and then up and then down again, Plawecki up, Muno up and then down, Herrera up, Robles up. Probably missed a few. I'm getting motion sickness, so let me get my dramamine....OK, thanks for waiting, let me continue.


Here's my top 25 dudes having a hot season so far – except this time, I am leaving out all of the above up-and-down guys, as their recent time in the minors is limited – and who knows, they could get called back up tomorrow:


25 dudes - top 10 hitters, top 10 starters, and top 5 relievers.




Alex Castellanos - AAA: 17 extra base hits in 20 games. 20 RBIs. .356 average.  But must have a minor injury, as he came out of a game May 2 and has not played since.


Matt Reynolds - AAA: Reynolds has made just 2 errors in 26 games, and is sitting at .327 with 25 RBIs.  15 extra base hits.


Travis Taijeron - AAA: .333/.430/.591.  Still striking out too much, with 27 (approx. 1 every 3 plate appearances).


Wilfredo. Tovar – AAA: with his recent 2- homer game, Tovar is hitting .301, with a mere 7 Ks in 80 PAs.  And a .487 slug %.  Quietly impressive.


Michael Conforto - HI A: I will leave him in "hot" for this week, but he has cooled somewhat, to .308 with a terrific 6 homers and 22 RBIs.


Gavin Cecchini - AA: a groin injury limited him to 17 games so far , but .333/.385/.500 with a mere 6 Ks show this is the new and improved Gavin..


Darrell. Ceciliani - AAA: .290/.378/597 in 24 games for Las Vegas.  Having a fine season.   (David Wright. should take note: Darrell stole 31 bases in 2013, but has had leg injuries in the past, so this year, 1 steal.  Easy on the legs. And now playing almost every day. Follow suit – and stay healthy - and play, David.)


Josh Rodriguez – AA: had a 7 RBI game this week and is sitting at .342/.440/.579 with 18 RBIs in 23 games.


Brandon Nimmo – AA: welcome aboard the "hot" train. Up to .292/.361.48 in 24 games after a slow start.


Jeff McNeil - HI A: he has been hot for a few weeks, and is hitting .329, with a .394 on base %.


(Other notables: Luis Guillorme .315, Eudy Pina .309, Colton Plaia .300)




Steve Matz - AAA: great last three games in the same hitters' league that his teammates are destroying.  2.01.


Noah Syndergaard - AAA: Two straight killer starts. 


  • We thought Matz and Thor might be elite - they are: Koufax and Drysdale, baby. Well, one can dream.


Seth Lugo – AA: great things being said about this hard throwing righty who came out of obscurity and overcame physical adversity.  He is 2-0, 1.37, 19.2 IP, 19 Ks in 4 starts.


Rainy Lara - AA: 4 starts, 2-0, 2.91.  Nice.


Luis Cessa - AA: 4 starts, 2-1, 2.14.  21 IP, 20 K’S, 3BB.  Real promising.


Robert Gsellman - HI A: 4 Starts, 4-0, 1.55.  Nearly threw a no hitter his last time out.  St. Lucie luvs the Giz.


Rob Whelan - HI A: 0-1 in 4 starts, sports a 1.96 ERA, and 1.09 WHIP.


Miller Diaz - HI A: 0-2, but 2.57 in 4 starts.  K per inning.  Both Miller and Whelan are pleading for more support.


Marcos Molina - HI A:3.27 ERA for the highly regarded youngster, with 28 Ks in 27 innings.


Casey Meisner - A: 1-1, 1.93 in 4 starts spanning 23.1 IP. 18 Ks.



RELIEVERS:  was gonna do just 5, but 6 deserve it, so I'm doing 6.  They are my rules, so I can break them.


Chase Bradford - AAA:  Bradford has spit in the PCL's face. "Hitters league? Hah!"  In 10 outings spanning 13 innings, no runs, 9 hits, 1 walk.


Paul Sewald - AA: just so danged good.  Unscored upon in 10 dominant outings. Just 5 hits and 3 walks to go with 17 Ks in 14.1 innings. 


Akeel Morris - HI A: in 13.1 innings, 4 hits and 22 Ks.  That's his normal ratio, folks.  Just how good is this guy, anyway?


Kyle Regnault - A:  eight outings, 14.2 innings, 14 Ks, 1.23 ERA


Alberto Baldonado - A: 6 relief outings, 11.1 innings, just 5 hits, 16 Ks. Nice.


David Roseboom - A: 1-0, 0.66, 17 Ks in 13.2 innings. Just 5 hits and 2 walks. Pretty exceptional. 




Adam Kolarek – AA - still at 7.43 ERA, but last week it was 14.14, so he is heating up.


Pedro Perez – 1B Hi A – 11 for 62, numbers that are not career-enhancing.


Logan Taylor – Hi A - with a 7.13 ERA after 4 St Lucie starts.


Josh Prevost – A - is 0-4, 6.38 in 4 St Lucie starts.


Vicente Lupo – A - is (not) hitting .155 with 25 Ks in 58 at bats.


Gil Gomez – AA - is 4 for 40 with 17 Ks. That bad is a scary place to be.


Dominic Smith: Hi A- really struggling...9 for 59 (.153), 15 Ks, 3 RBIs.


Tyler Moore – A - is off to a super frigid 2 for 32 start. Being a catcher helps tolerate that for a short while.


Jon Leroux - 66 at bats, .197, .273 slug%


Back up catchers Jeff Glenn and Adrian Abreu - Hi A - are a combined 3 for 36.



That's all, folks.  Until we meet again.


Thomas Brennan said...

I cut off after Tues games, unless a guy on Hot List has a notable start or amazing performance Wednesday. Travis Taijeron got on base 5 times Wed, raising his AVG and OBP to .362/.464. Sustainable, or just hot? Worth paying attention in the weeks ahead to find out.

Mack Ade said...

Lugo, Cessa, Gsellman, and Gant are the kind of guys that can be packaged with an established player (Murphy, Plawecki, Gee, Niese) to go get yourself a real SS

Mack Ade said...

My 'next' move would happen when Wright comes back... DFA Flores and replace with Reynolds...

then demote new catcher when d'Arnaud comes back

Thomas Brennan said...

Sounds like good plans, Mack, but you won't get that invite to the Flores family Sunday dinner if you DFA Wilmer. But if Reynolds keeps it up, could be the thing to try. Matt has truly impressed since the start of 2014.

Christopher Soto said...

LOL so not only does Syndergaard have 5Ks through 4 IP so far....

but Syndergaard also hit a SOLO HOME RUN!


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