The Morning Report 5.12.2015 | More Injury Updates, deGrom Misses d'Arnaud, The God of Thunder Arrives.


More Injury Updates | Chris Soto

  • Despite Terry Collins stating that 3B David Wright, was scheduled to resume baseball activities yesterday, reports revealed that Wright has still not received team doctor clearance to resume his rehab assignment.
  • RP Bobby Parnell struggled mightly in his 1st rehab appearance. While his velocity was between 92-96 mph, he struggled badly with his fastball command and bounced a number of curve balls which led to a blown save on 3 R, 2 H, BB, and 2 WP. 
  • C Travis d'Arnaud has received clearance to resume all baseball activities except hitting. As he gets back into baseball shape, once he does receive hitting clearance he is expected to use a 1 week rehab assignment before returning to the Mets. ETA could be roughly post Memorial Day.
  • SP Rafael Montero attempted to throw yesterday but had to shut himself down as he was still experiencing significant pain in his pitching arm rotator cuff. 
  • RP Buddy Carlyle pulled his hamstring last night as he ran to cover first base in the 7th inning. He is considered day to day at the moment but looked for Hansel Robles to receive some more opportunities in medium leverage situations.

Adam Rubin | ESPN New York-  Jacob deGrom bluntly described his recent problem after the loss to the Chicago Cubs, "It boils down to location, Tonight I struggled with it. And I think that kind of makes me get off my game plan. I can't throw the pitches that I want for strikes. I made some mistakes over the middle of the plate and they seemed to hit it a long way." Collins said he could detect frustration in deGrom's body language on the mound. "I saw that tonight for the first time," Collins said about deGrom's visible frustration. "But you've got to also understand, he really hasn't struggled like this before. We've got to get him through it and we've got to get him to get that confidence back and still trust his stuff and make pitches with it."

(Chris Soto: Ughh....your killing my fantasy team bro! deGrom has not been as sharp the past few games and you have to wonder if maybe it's because of Plawecki? Sounds crazy but check this stat out...Plawecki has caught 4 deGrom starts, d'Arnaud has caught 3 deGrom starts. On nights that Plawecki catches, batters hit .276 with a .810 OPS against deGrom, his ERA is 5.64, and his BB rate is 8.9%. On nights that d'Arnaud catches, batters hit .260 with a .618 OPS against deGrom, his ERA is 0.93, and his BB rate is 3.8%)

Ed Coleman | CBS New York- Last year he wasn’t ready, by his own admission and in the judgment of others. This year he is...Yes, Noah Syndergaard is prepared to make his major league debut, and he will do exactly that today at Wrigley Field. Last year, Syndergaard appeared apprehensive at times, a little overwhelmed by his surroundings. This year, he seems to have matured and appears to be much more at ease. When you’re young, big, strong and possess a great fastball like Syndergaard, sometimes you forget how to be a pitcher, and become too reliant on your strength. Syndergaard now is a more well-rounded pitcher.

(Chris Soto: THE GOD OF THUNDER COMETH DOWN UPON THY SOULS OF WRIGLEY FIELD. HE SHALT BRINGTH STRIKEOUTS IN GRAND NUMBERS AND BASEBALLS SHALT NOT LEAVETH THY INFIELD!  I don't know about you guys....but I am excited about seeing Syndergaard in action tonight. The 1st major piece of that Dickey has already show us how good he can be and now we get to see the 2nd piece hopefully dominate tonight and for the next 6 years. The Mets need a win and Thor shall bring it!)


Thomas Brennan said...

Wright will be ready to return as soon as the team becomes irrelevant again. He tried to explain his rationale for strying to steal a base and then missing 1/5 of the season, but doesn't have a leg to stand on.

A Rod called Wright last night to tell him how to stay healthy as you get old.

That injury update was painful to read. Maybe Parnell cannot be as good as Jack Leathersich in 2015.

As much as I want to see Thor pitch tonight, i want to see him blast a homer onto the streets of Chicago. Babe Ruth lives again.

Jake will be fine IMO.

eraff said...

Go Thor!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else miss all those Great Kevin Long Stories???

Thomas Brennan said...

Chris, an afterthought...what is Vic Black's status, if you know.

Thomas Brennan said...

Is it just me, or does it sem like every time the Mets sign a guy like Mayberry, he hits .450 in the spring and starts out hitting .103 when it counts?

Christopher Soto said...

Vic Black threw a bullpen session in Port St. Lucie yesterday. No timetable for a rehab assignment yet.

eraff said...

In fairness.. some of the bench guys have seen few ab's in any sort of Rhythm.

Mayberry has been a platoon guy....all OF and 1b. His best years are 300-400 ab's...he has NOT been in the MANY MOTA MODE of batting once every other game or so.

He did get regular work in Spriing Training--- SPRING TRAINING Tom... those aren't real games!!!!!

Thomas Brennan said...

True, Eraff. Mayberry has been badly squeezed by Mets' determination to see if Duda can hit lefties - and Duda's success at it so far. But it just seems a lot like we get guys, and when they first get here, they bring the Ice Age with them - Grandy, Crhis Young, Mayberry RFD, etc. I certInly did not expect Big John to hit .450, but.220 would be nice.p

Dallas said...

Good post on reddit about how bad the Mets bench has been.

"2015 Mets bench batting average: .125, 14th in the NL. In 2014 the Mets hit .158 off the bench, which was 29th in baseball. It's readily apparent that the bench needs a huge shakeup."


Mack Ade said...

Hey guys... off to another late start after a touch of food poison last night (don't eat the red cabbage!!!!)

Bench players have always been interesting and fans have always expected these guys to sit there for weeks and then just get called to the bat rack and deliver.

The only way you can these guys back in 'playing shape' is to... err... play them, and, like TC did the other night, he cleared his bench and started most of them.

What happened... 14 hits (most so far this season) by the team (though most were still by the top 4 'regulars' in the lineup.

I think the Mets would love to have the luxury of playing Kirk and Mayberry for 5-6 games, but they can feel the Nationals breathing down their necks.

Reese Kaplan said...

The problem with the bench guys not performing is amplified when the guy filling out the lineup card decides inexplicably to rest 3-4 regulars on a single day, rather than getting the bench guys in one at a time, one day at a time. What purpose does it serve to put multiple .100 hitters into the lineup at the same time???

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

Didn't it generate 14 hits that night?

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