Tony Plate - No trade between Mets and Yankees as MLB deadline passes


As the end of the Major League non-waiver four o’clock pm trade deadline passed both Met and Yankee fans wondered why the two teams failed make a trade? This has to be on the minds of many New York sports fans. The topic is probably discussed mostly everywhere such as during breaktime at work. You would think that both teams would make a trade with each other since both teams have what the other team needs. The Mets have the starting pitching which is what the Yankees need and they have the position player prospects especially at the infield positions the Mets need. This is a time that both teams could have really helped each other. It is a mystery as to why both teams could not come to a deal.

Since the Mets are having a bad year and the Yankees are contenders the Mets probably didn’t want to trade deGrom to the Yankees, because they know sending deGrom to the Yankees would make their starting rotation basically as good as Boston and Houston which would possibly help the Yankees win their 28th championship. The Mets probably show much envy over the Yankees success and their ability to dominate the sports pages. The Mets kept deGrom, because they feel that they can contend in 2019. The Mets need to upgrade their roster with youth, because they are one of the oldest teams in the league. Also, they could have tried to trade Zack Wheeler to the Yankees for Adam Warren and Billy McKinney before the Yankees traded them to other teams. This would have been a good trade for both teams. Wheeler is only 28 and youth is what the Yankees need for their starting rotation instead of trading for JA Happ who is 35 and will become a free agent. The Yankees have had a habit of trading for starting pitchers that are in their thirties. Warren has been a good relief pitcher and could have been a big help in the Mets bullpen which has been basically mediocre. McKinney had 13 homeruns and could have been a good fifth outfielder for the Mets.

From now on hopefully the two New York teams will cast aside any envy they may have for each other and do more business with each other. That would really make the NY fans excited. The Yankees are built to win now. The Mets can contend in 2019 for at least a wildcard with that starting rotation. Perhaps the two teams can help each other to the full extent which possibly can lead to a meeting in the World Series between both New York teams next year.


Thomas Brennan said...

I just wonder if Steve Matz has the heart to believe he can't lose in big games. Any game against the Nats is big - he got destroyed.

Of course, had he been traded to the Yanks, he'd probably average 18 wins over the next 5 seasons.

Mack Ade said...

I know in my heart tat Cashman would have embarrassed the Mets in any deal he did with them

bob gregory said...

Mets should have launched a full scale recruitment of Cashman this past year and given him complete control.

Reese Kaplan said...

Matz would be Andy Pettite II -- a moderately talented lefty who won a lot of games because his new team scored a ton of runs.

Brian Cashman would have been a coup. Terry Cashman would be an improvement. Hell, Terry Bradshaw probably could do a better job than the Three Stooges.

Eddie Corona said...

Cashman should have been the guy when Sandy was hired... He was upset over and a free agent at the time (didn't have a contract)

I would hire whoever is his top assistant... Hopefuly he would have been groomed by someone who know how to handle NY and all the aspects of the job

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