Corey Oswalt has a future with the Mets - Tony Plate


Corey Oswalt has a future with the Mets - Tony Plate

As the Mets look towards 2019 they should be thinking of former Binghamton pitcher Corey Oswalt.

He got off to a rough start with the Mets back in June, however he has been pitching a little bit better recently. He pitched a good game this past Sunday against a competitive, possible playoff bound Atlanta Braves team by allowing three runs in six innings and striking out four. It was a solid outing for him.

This can be the beginning of something good as Oswalt wants to show that he can be part of the starting rotation in 2019. Manager Mickey Callaway has confidence in Oswalt’s pitching. He would like to have him pitch in a routine to see what he can do. Oswalt will have at least four more starts with one month left in the season.

Oswalt will have some competition in 2019 from Rafael Montero coming off an injury, possibly Justin Dunn from AA and Nabil Crismatt from AAA. September is the time of year that pitchers and players can show what they can do as teams expand the rosters.

Also, there is Jason Vargas who is signed through 2019 who would be determined to bounce back from a rough 2018. As it now stands the starting rotation going into 2019 should consist of deGrom, Noah, Matz and Wheeler with the 5th spot being open. There is a possibility that Wheeler might be dealt for a hitter during the offseason since he was rumored to be traded during the recent trade deadline.

The Mets have youth in their starting rotation with more on the way which is what some teams do not have in which is a good thing as the Mets look beyond 2018. I think Oswalt has a good future with the Mets beyond 2018.

In my opinion Oswalt will be very determined to win a rotation spot as he gains more confidence like he has shown since July. I think the Mets would at least qualify for a wildcard spot in the playoffs next year especially if they add some hitting to their lineup.

There is a possibility that the Mets may seek hitting in free agency. If Oswalt wins a spot in the rotation along with helping the Mets make the playoffs it would be very rewarding for him. Only time will tell.


Thomas Brennan said...

Oswalt has pitched well enough - in a lost season, he deserves a chance to pitch.

I'd stick Vargas in the pen and let Ozzie sink or swim starting every 5th day.

Michael Freire said...

Agreed, Tony and Tom.......I would rather run Oswalt out there (who has a chance to be a part of the future), then the train wreck
that is Jason Vargas. Vargas should either be released (not likely) or installed as a mop up pitcher in the bullpen.

I think Oswalt could be nice #5 starter, once the Mets figure out what they have for 2019 and beyond.

Reese Kaplan said...

I read today that Callaway is thinking Lugo for the rotation next year. If so, between he and Oswalt it could open up a starting pitcher trade to bring in some offense. You remember offense, when the batters hit the ball where they ain't and then circle the bases to, what do they call it again...score???

Richard Holmes said...

It looks like Oswalt knows how to pitch, which is something we don't see much of anymore. I'm not sure Tom Glavine would be given a chance to pitch in 2018 because he didn't throw hard enough. I've seen enough of Vargas in the rotation.

Thomas Brennan said...

Vargas has allowed 46 runs in 47 innings, but GOOD NEWS! None are unearned.

Mike Freire said...

I am not completely joking when I say that I could probably get a base hit or two off of Vargas and I haven't played in quite a while.

And he got two years?

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