I always like to look for guys who are reversing bad trends.

Dominic Smith, considering where he was a year ago when promoted, has been downright lousy since.

He seemingly hit bottom on August 1 and 2, when he went 0-8 with 5 Ks for Las Vegas, dropping him to .251 (and of course, his major league time in 2018 was worse, with just 1 walk, 1 RBI and 26 Ks in a little over 70 plate appearances).  Jeez!

He has not exploded since but seems to be headed in a much better direction over the last 5 games since: 8 for 22, including 2 doubles, 2 homers, a walk, and 6 RBIs, boosting him to .260 and getting his slugging % back over .400.

Maybe, just maybe, the turn for the better for Smith is finally happening.  No doubt, Peter Alonso (28 HR, 101 RBIs) has passed Smith in the Mets 1B plans at this point, however.


Thomas Brennan said...

Totally unrelated, but after I realized today that Leathersich had been released, I looked at Tyler Pill, another former Met pitcher, now also on the DL in another lackluster AAA season.

He is the answer to the following question: which minor leaguer has a career hitting mark of .361/.390/.461 and makes excellent contact?

Tyler Pill has done that in 103 scattered plate appearances over several years, and despite hitting once in a great while, he's put up those great stats.

Try coming back as a player, man...if Tebow can try it, you sure can.

You could pitch in a pinch.

Reese Kaplan said...

Rick Ankiel, too, though not much of a hitter.

Thomas Brennan said...

Pill was amazing, too, in that he fanned about once every 8 times up. My guess is if you went thru the entire baseball minors, he would be a top 3 hitter if not the best. The pitching thing isn't really working, I'd try hitting if I were Pill. At least based on what I know from looking at his stats.

Michael Freire said...

Is it irrational to say that the Dominic Smith "ship" has sailed?

Seriously.....he can't consistently hit AAA pitching (in a hitters paradise) and he showed nothing in a couple stints in NY. He has been passed by The Pounder, so his only avenue is the outfield? A corner at that because he isn't fast enough to play CF, where we actually have a need.

Do we need a slow, defensively challenged "former first baseman" in left or right field? Plus, he can't hit!

I would say we need to move on and call him a "swing and a miss" as a draft pick.

Thomas Brennan said...

Smith 1 for 5 Friday night, Alonso 1 fo3, 2 walks, and RBI # 102 and 103

Anonymous said...


My best guess is that Dominic Smith's attitude (or perception of it) kind of didn't sit well with the Mets.

Anonymous said...

Mets could probably use either catcher Yasmani Grandal or Wilson Ramos this off season, a new closer, and big vat of whiskey!

Anonymous said...

Figuring out the current NY Mets bullpen, is like bungy jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, and then after jumping realizing that you forgot the bungy cord.

Anonymous said...

My off season "Wish List"...

1. More food for me.

2. Something besides socks and underwear for Christmas. Although, and don't get me wrong here, socks and underwear sometimes can come in pretty handy at times. Like a trip to the doctors for instance.

3. A catcher and closer for my team.

4. No more televised Giants or Jets games. (Giants will be 7 and 9, while the "Gang Green" will be 5-11. Something like that anyway)

5. The Knicks finally figure out, that it wasn't just Carmelo.

6. The Yankees sign Carl Yastremski's grandson.

7. Eddie K. (No.7) gets his wish.

8. Macks Mets goes viral and in a good way.

9. They change the Mets hats and uniforms. The Yankees pinstripes are eliminated because they never worked here so good.

10. Secretly, the Mets ground crew raises the mound three inches and shortens the rightfield wall by twelve feet.

Anonymous said...

And may God bless the woman (or man) who has to remove all those grass stains from Brandon Nimmo's uniform after he does those sliding outfield catches each game.

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