Mack Ade - Sunday Thoughts on Johan

It was obvious to me today that Santana was under instructions to throw a lot of sliders today. This has never been a "go-to" pitch for him in the past, but we are watching a pitcher reinvent himself into a three-pitch man.

The bravado was there. The wiggling of the hips before he starts his delivery. The defiant walk off the mound when someone hits a fly ball. There are great signs, maybe even better signs than his actual pitching. Santana obviously is happy with what he is doing this year.

His fastball velocity was similar to his first outing... 88-89, hitting 90. This could be all that's left, but, if he can hit the inside corners with the slider and still put up his masterful 79-80 change, it will be enough this season.

The third inning was interesting. Two Mets made errors on plays that should have been routine outs. Thus, Santana actually created four out situations in the first four batters.

Lastly, look at the Miami lineup. It was much more of a regular season version, especially the first six guys.

Nice job, Johan.


Mike Freire said...

So far, so good........it would be great to see Johan make it back. While he will never be the Johan of old, with the repertoire you listed, he could still be an above average starter. Perhaps a solid #3?

If Jamie Moyer can reinvent himself, I know Johan can. It all comes down to his shoulder, right?

Mack Ade said...

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the shoulder now.

If this works, thank whomever shut him down after that rehab game last year in Savannah.

Santana knows how to pitch smart... add to that Niese, Dickey, and the possible return of Young.... could be the end of the Pelfrey-era

Michael S. said...

I'm over Pelfrey, the sooner he moves on, the better.

Mack Ade said...

bag o' balls...

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