In Search For An Outfielder – Washington Nationals


In Search For An Outfielder –  Washington Nationals

Last team left…

The 40-man has eight (8) outfielders on it:

                Roger Bernadina – lefty –  ARB1 – 227-AB, .291 - CF
                Corey Brown – lefty –  pre-ARB – 25-AB
                Bryce Harper – lefty – $2.25 thru 2015, then ARB2 – OF – 533-AB, 22-HR, .270
                Tyler Moore – righty –  pre-ARB -  156-AB, .263
                Michael Morse – righty – $7mil-2013, FA-2014 – IB/OF – 406-AB, 18-HR, 62-RBI
                Eury Perez – righty –  pre-ARB – 5-AB
                Denard Span – lefty – $6.5mil thru 2014 – CF -
                Jayson Werth – righty - $21.57mil thru 2017 – RF -  300-AB, .300

Well, Werth is going nowhere due to the contract and Harper is going nowhere because of his talent. You have to assume that the reason they signed Span to a 2-year deal this off-season was to give him the centerfield slot that Bernadina was holding down.  The target is easy here:

Mets target:  Eury Perez - #6 prospect… 22-yrs old… .314 last year at AAA… 51 stolen bases…
There simply is no place for Perez to play I Washington, but I have no idea what they would want for him. The Nats really don’t need much right now and the Mets really don’t have a surplus in any talent; however, that’s Sandy Alderson’s job not mine.


Reese said...

Tyler Moore has slugger written all over him. Check his minor league numbers. (And he's right handed, too!)

Charles said...

Maybe the Nats will trade us that young kid....what's his name? Bryce Harper I think...

Hobie said...

This (OF Search) is a GREAT series, Mack.

Flores for T.Moore or E.Perez?

enyherb said...

Moore doesn't have enough outfield experience for me to rely on him as an everyday player out there. He does look impressive at the plate, and the fact that he could give Ike a rest every few days is attractive. He hardly played the outfield in the minors at all, so I would reluctantly pass on him.

Perez has one drawback, plate discipline . . the kid hardly ever takes a walk. His OBP is respectable simply because he hits for a decent average. That said, I'd still grab him if I had the chance. Plate discipline can be taught.

I don't think Flores is who they'd want. They can use pitching depth, both in the rotation and in the pen. I'd offer them either Mejia or Familia and see if they'd bite.

Mack Ade said...

Thanks Hobie.

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