Javier Vazquez, Josh Edgin, Toronto Trade for Stanton, Michael Morse


Andy McCullough wrote:  

During the winter, the team has been in contact with both Shaun Marcum and Carl Pavano. Their scouts in the Puerto Rico winter league have watched one-time All Star Javier Vazquez, who is making a comeback after sitting out 2012. And there was also some interest in bringing back Chris Young, who posted a 4.15 ERA in 115 innings last season.

I’m targeting into Vazquez here. He would be 35 if he pitches next year and has a 165-160, 4.22, 1.25 lifetime MLB record over 14-years. One of them included 2004 where both the Yankee fans and writers butchered him for his 14-10, 4.91 season after signing a 4-year deal. He also pitched for the Yankees in 2010 (10-10, 5.32). Vazguez chose to sit out 2012 and has been playing in the PRWL… he’s started five games there, going: 1-3, 3.52, 23.0-IP, 30-K, 6-BB… sure it’s just a winter league but it looks like the fastball is still working.

          Bryan Grosnick wrote:

I'd like to think that an improved Josh Edgin could be a lot like former Mets reliever Pedro Feliciano going forward. Feliciano was an effective workhorse in the Mets' bullpen for years, using a left-handed slider especially well to knock out opposing hitters and consistently posting a high strikeout rate despite yearly variances in walks and home runs. The big difference between Feliciano and Edgin, right now at least, is the aforementioned changeup. Feliciano threw a change between 10 and 20 percent of the time as a Met, and it allowed him to match up decently against righties as well as lefties.

Sounds good to me… this gives ‘my pen’ as Frank Francisco in the closer role, Bobby Parnell in the 8th inning, Robert Carson as the other lefty, and Greg Burke and Jeremy Hefner as my righties. Now, we haven’t even considered Elvin Ramirez, Jeurys Familia, or Jenrry Mejia. This is where we sit right now. Is it good enough? You tell me.


            Hi Mack, Look I know for us Met maniacs its real hard to check the puter a few times everyday for the last 3 years and not have a Minaya like blockbuster to excite us but we all know how that worked out. I'm really starting to finally "get" Sandy's plan and have to give some credit to the Wilpons (wow that was hard to type) that the only real $$ invested in the team after the Madoff mess was in the front office. Patience is not the strong suit of fandom but Sandy staying the course when all we hear is "you cant rebuild in N.Y" will hopefully be very rewarding. The Frank Cashen era was a long time ago and if there was something we really needed now is a solid plan and I'm all in. Now to just throw something out there as we wait for pitchers and catchers reporting is a trade question: would you trade the 3 principles in the Blue Jay deal and Flores for Stanton? Thanks, Gary Seagren

                No. Stanton is a great player, but I would still need 24 more to make my squad. The Toronto trade gives me two players in 2012 (Buck, d’Arnaud), and the potential of two all-stars as early as 2015 (d-Arnaud, Syndergaard). I have been committed to dominating this sport through rotational pitching and this is the first time that the Mets have an opportunity to do that since the Seaver days. I’m sticking to my plan, which also seems to be Sandy Alderson’s. 

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post was told by a source that the Nationals and Adam LaRoche have agreed to a two-year deal.

So… what you’re left with here is Mike Morse, a 30-year old right-handed 1B-RF-LF who hit 18-HR and 62-RBIs for Washington last year and has no place to play. I can’t think of a better fit at this point in the off-season, though he might make Lucas Duda look like a Golden Glover outfielder. The problem is what do you offer Washington? They’re a conference rival with the top young rotation and they only thing you can tempt them with is one or two of your young prospects...  but, he may be a better fit as the DH/OF for the Yankees, making Scott Hairston have to turn his attention to whatever the Mets are offering. This one will be interesting to follow.


TheCloser said...

Mack, I'm not against a flier on Javy Vasquez. He's a proven commodity and if he turns into a solid rotation guy, maybe he can be flipped for another prospect at the deadline.

We absolutely need another bullpen arm or two before st starts. I'd like to see Jon Rauch come back and even Derek Lowe would be a solid pickup as a SP5 candidate until Wheeler/Mejia/McHugh/Famila/Hefne) takes his spot and Lowe can be an effective RH ground ball bullpen arm.

Mack Ade said...


I think you will get your wish.

David Groveman said...

Vazquez is an okay option and he'd definitely not need more than a 1 year commitment.

I still like Marcum... that's me.

Would I trade D'Arnaud + Snydergaard + Flores for Stanton? NO! I don't think any GM would. Would you trade Flores + Snydergaard (as the principles) for Stanton? That is more interesting... to me.

Mike Morse: The issue is that the Mets don't see a benefit in trading pieces for a rental player, but I do.

1) He fills the glaring need in the outfield and frankly could be added WITH Hairston right now.
2) If he plays poorly, it's 1 year and little skin off our noses.
3) If he plays well, the Mets could either trade him or offer him arbitration and get a prospect. (Note... it's not like we have a righty power OF in the pipeline if he accepted arbitration)
4) The Nationals are looking for a Lefty RP and prospects. The Mets have the ability to trade a Robert Carson with some other more distant names (who do show talent) for some immediate credibility.
5) The Nationals are not (and should not) be afraid of trading the Mets someone who is on the last year of his deal because the Mets are in their division. This isn't trading Morse to Philly.

Mack Ade said...

David, a Nats "guy" I know says that Morse REALLY plays a bad OF and should only be considered as either a DH or a 1Bman.

In fact, he said the Nats would llove to trade him to the Mets to play in their outfield.

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