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Las Vegas will open camp with four players that can play first base and one that should be. My guess is ex-prospect Alan Dykstra (AA - .262/.423/.419/.842) should wind up promoted and become the primary emergency backup if the bat phone rings from Flushing. This leaves Josh Satin (AAA - .286/.391/.442/.833) without a position again so, if he’s still with the team, will probably DH against left-handed pitchers.

In addition, Eric Campbell (AA - .297/.391/.439/.830) plays first along with third base and the corner outfield positions and 3B Zach Lutz (AAA - .299/.410/.496/.905) has been trying to learn first a little late in his career.

The big mistake here, IMO, is not using Wilmer Flores at this position, but that’s another posting.

Binghamton is a little thin, with only Travis Ozga (AA – 139-AB, .173) and Joe Bonfe (AA/A+ - 77-AB, .247) currently on the board.

That being said, any one of three players could be the starter in St. Lucie… Brian Harrison (SAV, 423-AB, .241), Cole Frenzel (Brook-Sav: 235-AB, .247), or Jayce Boyd (Brooklyn – 201-AB, .239-AB). I’ve got both Harrison and Frenzel in Florida with Boyd playing Savannah.

Additionally, one could make the case for Alexander Sanchez (Brooklyn, 184-AB, .261)
There are three other first basemen in camp that will all try and convince the Mets coaches to send them back to Kingsport for a second chance. They are: Jeyckol De Leon (Kingsport: 168-AB, .232), Jonathan Leroux (Kingsport – 116-AB, .198), and Kevin Weijgertse (Kingsport: 96-AB, .177)

Lastly, according to MiLB.com, no one on both the DSL teams played first base last year. No matter they lost so many games.

Observation:  Everything fine here as long as Ike Davis doesn’t run into David Wright or gets bitten by some spider. Justin Turner remains the first fill-in, but I’d be much happier if I saw a killer year from Dykstra in Las Vegas this season. Past that, the Mets may want to consider drafting someone like high schooler Nick Longhi in the 3-4th round and put him on a five year plan that would give him an ETA of 2018.

Rating:  Mets:  A-
              Minors:   C


David Groveman said...

I would not be shocked to see Adrian Abreu switch from Catcher in the DSL to 1B on a Low A team.

I would also not discount the potential for Aderlin Rodriguez to split time at 1B.

TheCloser said...

I agree...aderlin Rodriguez to play 1b in Binghamton would not be a bad idea. I think his bat plays there and eventually that is his best position going forward.

Michi L. said...

Mack what do u think about Jayce Boyd?

Mack Ade said...

It's too early to say anything about Boyd.

I'd like to see him back in Savannah for the entire season, hitting against both lefties and righties.

Charles said...

It's sad, but the only player they drafted in 2012 that I'm even partially excited about is Thomas Nido. Boyd doesn't seem to have the power to stick at first so I wonder why they even picked him. I guess some of the pitchers might turn out decent, but Nido has the only bat I can't wait to see develop.

Mack Ade said...

I'm still very annoyed at this draft.

Charles said...

Mack, their 2011 draft to me was fantastic. Fulmer looks to be a legit number three starter. Mazzoni could still end up at the back end of either a rotation or the bullpen; either way, that's a win. Verret and Pill give you AAAA starters who could stay in AAA at the worst hopefully and be ready in case of injury.

Yes, we all would have picked so many other players ahead of Nimmo, but he has definately showed power and patience while playing with guys two or three years older in Brooklyn. Remember, that park isn't easy for lefties and he hit 5 hrs...Ike had none in his season in Brooklyn.

I think Nimmo has been hurt by the two super talents and youngsters that made the bigs quickly in Harper and Trout. Now, fans want all the High schoolers to be fast tracked. Lets see what happens as this kid grows and gets stronger. This might be a big year for him.

We all loved the Montgomary, Evans, and Marquez picks late, but so far they haven't really impressed. I'd give Evans more time; he was also playing with and against much older players.

This draft was good. They seemed to have a plan. The players seemed to have potential. 2012??? Cecchini, Pawlecki, Reynolds...first three picks...wtf?!

They obviously were going safe and for slot or less.

Then Teddy gets picked....nice, a young lefty that is good and exciting. Could be one a steal. Then, they don't offer slot and he walks. Again WTF!

This might be a huge bust, unless they get lucky in the next 4 years. I just don't get it.

Mack Ade said...

Charles, I was pretty close to the Teddy Stank 'negotiations'... the Mets lied to him... simply that.

These guys are supposed to be experts on high school kids coming out in the draft...

we'll see...

re: the 2011 draft... high school wise... Nimmo is undetermined... Fulmer is ++... Budgell is a head case... Montgomery arrived injured... Mathews is meh... Gsellman is meh 2.0... Evans already projects out only as a sub... Marquez is an injured football player... I don't know, Charles

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