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There may be an opportunity out there for the Mets regarding the 8-game suspension of premier Minnesota Twins pitcher, right hander Ervin Santana.
The Twins are going to need a seasoned starter to fill the gap for the first portion of the season and Gee could be the answer to their problems.

In return, there seems to be a glut of outfielders on the current Twins 40-man squad.
Some (and their spring batting average) are Oswaldo Arcia (.277), Chris Hermann (.300), Aaron Hicks (.206), Torii Hunter (.350), Eduardo Nunez (.333), Shane Robinson (.277), Eddie Rosario (.223), and Jordan Schafer (.255).  


I see an opportunity to trade for a player that normally wouldn’t be available to any team… top Twins prospect, outfielder Byron Buxton.

Buxton had a poor season in 2014 (A+: 121-AB, .240) due to being shut down for a wrist injury. He seems 100% healed now and did have eight at-bats for the Twins in this year’s pre-season. The assumption is he will graduate to the AA level this year and could finish up at AAA.

This is a legitimate 5-tool player who could join Brandon Nimmo and Michael Conforto and an exciting future outfield for the Mets.

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You simply can't do this Mets writing year after year and not now get excited at what we are all seeing. The masterful pitchers of Harvey,, the pure filth of deGom... and the cock sure return of both David Wright and Curtis Granderson.

Even Cesar Puello came home. My god, it is Easter.


Ernest Dove said...

I assume twins are sticking to their plan of going with our old pal mike pelfrey.
Either way crap keeps happening to pitchers around the league.
Mets probably still gonna trade Gee, in April, to somebody.

Anonymous said...

you are not suggesting a straight up trade Buxton for Gee, are you? The Mets would have to add a ton into the deal and I am not sure that Buxton would be available under any circumstances. The Twinkies are bad, very bad and are pinning their bounce back primarily on Buxton and Sano, so I cannot see them abandoning the long term plan to fill a short term need in a season where they are going to be at the bottom of the league.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to have him, but I think he would cost Gee + Thor at least.

Havent been around in awhile, but I am glad to see that the Mets were able to hang on to Puello. He may not be a superstar in the making, but the OF is dangerously thin on depth and based on two older players, along with two others that have severe platoon splits, so having another prospect, even secondary in Vegas is useful

Anon Joe F

Brian Joura said...

Yeah, I agree with Joe F -- there's no way the Twins are trading Buxton without getting a monster haul.

Pelfrey was going to start the year in the bullpen for them but with Santana out for half the year he slides into the rotation.

Is Gee really an upgrade on Pelfrey? Maybe, but if I'm the Twins and not likely to contend, not sure I would trade anything of value for that particular upgrade.

Best bet still seems to me to include him in a package deal to Colorado.

Thomas Brennan said...

TGIW - Thank God it's the weekend.

Like I said yesterday, Mack, I think deGrom is Tier 2, not Tier 4 as those guys under ranked him. He appears ready to dominate.

Puello's back...now play him a lot more than last year in AAA to see if there is a breakthrough. True prospect or permanent suspect?

I read recently that Pelfrey said he was healthier and pitching better and mad that it looked like he'd not be in the rotation. SO we'll see...but if Minny is desperate, we got pitching for sale....not cheap.

We don't win a lot without the hiting core actually hitting. Lagares, Grandy, and Wright had what, 8 hits last nite. Anyone not excited ain't paying attention.

Charles said...

Minny will never trade that kid. Period!

Stephen Guilbert said...

I really don't see Buxton ever getting moved either. Even if Minnesota contends this year, i think they see him as a mid/late season addition to the roster and never a trade chip.

And as much as I've love Buxton on this team, we did just sign our stud center fielder through 2019.

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