Mack - Matt Harvey or Masahiro Tanaka?


Comment From MetsFaithful5
If both are healthy this year, which one will be better: Matt Harvey or Masahiro Tanaka? Similarly, who would you pick to be better this year: deGrom or Pineda?
Dan Szymborski: Sorry, that’s a pick ‘em. I’m more comfortable with deGrom

Comment From Dan Ugglas Forearms
Your take on the Braves? This year and the years to follow
Dan Szymborski: Not too much excitement – it’s a rebuilding team

Regarding the comment on the Braves, I agree that they are not going to offer up that much competition this season. Who the Mets have to worry about are the Marlins who have added a fair amount of quality pieces to their team in the off-season.

As for Tanaka vs. Harvey, Tanaka started 20 games for the Yankees last year and went 13-5, 2.77, 136.1-IP, 141-K, 21-BB. This is after going 24-0 in Japan the year before. Frankly, being simply compared to him is an honor in itself.

It will be interesting to see how these two evolve over the remainder of this decade. My money is on Harvey, but, either way, you’re comparing the top two pitchers in New York baseball.


Thomas Brennan said...

Harvey over Tanaka, I agree with Pedro and think Tanaka's elbow will catch up with him and hinder his performance. Harvey will be better than 2013.

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