Mack - Bartolo, deGrom, and Thor


Comment From neal
more WAR in 2015: Bartolo Colon, or Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, and Brandon Phillips combined?
Paul Sporer: Hahaha, that’s a great question. Gimme Sizemore & Phillips (I’m not expecting anything from Lee).

Comment From Brian
How do you rank Wainwright, Carrasco, Alex Wood and deGrom?
Paul Sporer: Carrasco, deGrom, Wood, and Waino

Comment From Scrapper
Better long-term keeper: Gausman or Snydergaard)?
Paul Sporer: Syndergaard

Comment From Rodonculous
Shoot, how would you rank these guys: Jesse Hahn, TJ House, Desclafani, Matt Garza, Jaime Garcia, Nathan Eovaldi, Barolo Colon
Paul Sporerthespguide.com …. :)
Latest ranks are: Garza, House, Hahn, Eovaldi, Desc, Garcia, and Colon.

Mack - Interesting.

I didn't expect to see anyone say something positive about Colon, and, in the case of Fangraph's Paul Sporer, I was correct. I consider every Colon outing a root canal and I have no confidence in his ability to hold on to a rotation slot the day Noah Syndergaard finally arrives to stay in Queens.

It's also nice to see continued positive press about both deGrom and Syndergaard. I haven't changed my stance on deGrom... I still think he will end 2015 with SP1 stats.

I'm a big Rafael Montero fan, but, let's face it... Dillon Gee has earned the SP5 slot out of camp. What will be interesting will be the player shuffle when both Vic Black and Bobby Parnell come back to the pen. What if both Montero are pitching lights out and Colon still isn't?


Reese Kaplan said...

Even more so than Dillon Gee, I can't see them putting Colon in the pen as it minimizes his already meager trade value. The best bet for the Mets is the have Colon (and Gee) pitching lights out so that one or both are attractive to other teams in need of pitching, thus clearing room for Montero and the Las Vegas crew.

Mack Ade said...

the Binghamton roster came out today and no Herrera... so am I to assume that he and Muno will split duties at 2B in Vegas?

Ernest Dove said...

Hey Mack I thought Muno is a projected utility guy anyway.
I assume he simply backs up 2B, SS, 3B and whatever else they want him to do for practice and readiness.

Anonymous said...

Watching Muno attempt to play 2B yesterday was absolutely brutal.


Thomas Brennan said...

Where did you see B Mets roster, Mack? I looked at LV 51 site and Bingo site...both looked incomplete Still.

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