Mack - Torres, Blevens, and Next Five Years


Comment From John
you like the mets deals for lefties last week? are they really going to keep three in the pen?
Jeff Sullivan: As a lefty, Torres is more of a righty. Blevins fits the more classic profile. The Mets didn’t give up nothing, but they are close enough to the wild card that it makes sense to focus on little upgrades like this
Comment From Mike T
I know spring isn;t everything, but I am impressed with how they played so far. Is this the beginning of something positive for Mets fans?
Jeff Sullivan: The Mets are going to have a pretty strong five years. I don’t think you can say they’ve “turned a corner” but they’ve surpassed the threshold of relevance

Mack - I love the Blevins deal, but I'm afraid I'm going to hate to see him leave after one year. That being said, maybe Josh Edgin or one of the kids at AAA can step in next spring and fill this spot.

Torres, in my opinion, is going to be one of the really good Alderson deals. 

I agree with Jeff. The Mets are now relevant and their immediate five year future is in their own hands.



Charles said...

I don't know enough about those pitchers yet but to me the only guy they gave up that could really end up as a ML regular is Mazzoni. So in that sense the deals can't really hurt; especially since Mazzoni's ceiling is a good bullpen arm or possibly a solid SP4/5. And that is hard to imagine since he's hardly ever healthy.

That being said, the Blevins deal looks great because the guy shuts lefties down and that's what they'll use him for. He's their loogy. Torres can't hurt either and if they both fail, at least they did something.

Andrew Miller would've been fantastic in this pen, but it is what it is. Hipefully, Leathersich works out his control issues and is a guy they can count on in the future. He had the highest ceiling of all in the pen.

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