Positional Ranking - CF


#10 Mets

Juan Lagares595.257.297.361.291-8.20.314.12.9
John Mayberry35.226.292.377.297-0.30.0-0.10.1
Matt den Dekker35.237.295.364.293-0.40.0-0.10.1
Kirk Nieuwenhuis35.221.290.382.297-

It has often been said that a run saved is just as good as a run scored, and my understanding of basic mathematics seems to confirm that maxim. For those who prefer to watch the run-saving types more than the run-scoring types, the Mets have the ideal center fielder. Juan Lagares is not a very good hitter, with a career .262/.302/.362 line good for an 89 wRC+. He was a little better than that in 2014, but with a 4.4% walk rate and little power to speak of he will need to maintain a high BABIP to be valuable with the bat.

Fortunately for Lagares and Mets fans, a below average bat is playable with excellent defense. With Michael Cuddyer in one of the corners, Lagares should be covering a lot of ground at Citi Field. The Mets 26-year-old center fielder needs to stay healthy because those behind him are just as bad with the bat as Lagares and worse in the field.

Mack - A pretty harsh analysis for the 10th ranked center field  organization.

I believe Lagares needs another .280+ BA year before anyone in baseball believes he can carry himself with a bat in his hand. We all know what he can do with a glove.

Health is everything here in 2015 and, I agree with the writer. It would be a defensive disaster in the Mets outfield if Lagares goes down. You have no idea how much territory the corner outfielders give up to him because he know he's going th eventually get there under the ball.


Stephen Guilbert said...

It's amazing to watch Kirk Nieuwenhuis, who is an excellent defender with good range in his own right, pale in comparison to Lagares when Kirk replaces Juan in these spring training games. We're spoiled as Mets fans to have Lagares and while I agree that he doesn't need to hit much to be one of the better CFers in baseball, it sure looks like he's figured some stuff out at the plate.

I really cannot wait for Monday. This is torture.

Steve from Norfolk said...


That's why I think we traded the wrong CF. DenDekker is a lot closer to Lagares in CF than Niewenhuis. The only reason for trading DD is that the Nats insisted on him. With Span leaving, as I said yesterday (and, I promise, I won't say again until next season) I think they are looking at DD as his replacement.

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