Mack - NL Oufield Breakout Candidates By ST Plate Discipline


Curtis Granderson, NYM
9.4 K%, 18.9 BB%, 0-for-2 SB, 8.6 OppQual
2012 feels like so long ago. Not a breakout candidate as much as he is a comeback candidate, Granderson and his batting average are hard to endure now that the power has waned, but a big reduction in strikeouts could make his 20-homer power (or more?) a lot more tolerable. He had already significantly improved his strikeout rate prior to the spring (28.2 K% in 2013, 21.6 K% in 2014), and it’s possible the improvement hasn’t stopped. He’s 34, so I understand any reluctance you might have to buy what the Grandy Man is selling, but a return to a slightly lesser version of his 2010 self — 20 HR, 10 SB, .250 — would not shock me, and it would certainly make him relevant again, even as a lower-end option in standard mixed leagues.

Mack - Just another positive blurb on the Grandy-man.

No one expects him to hold his ST numbers through the season, no less April. I would be thrilled with a stat line of .250, 25-HR, 75-RBI



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