BP - Brandon Nimmo


Born: 03/27/1993 (Age: 22)
Bats: LeftThrows: Right
Height: 6' 3"Weight: 205
Primary Position: LF
Secondary Position: RF
Wide framed, athletic build. Broad shoulders; strong upper body.
EvaluatorAl Skorupa
Report Date05/04/2015
Dates Seen4/23/15; 4/26/15
AffiliateBinghamton Mets (AA, Mets)
MLB ETARisk FactorOFPRealistic RoleVideo
Mid 2016Medium5045: Fringe-average/Platoon corner outfielderNo
ToolFuture GradeReport
Hit45Average bat speed; simple swing mechanics; tiny stride; stiff lead and sometimes loopy bat path; good idea of the strike zone, but passive approach at the plate; takes pitches all the way in hitter’s counts; no real plan of attack; rarely looking to do damage; poor at-bats against same-handed pitching.
Power5555 raw; best power to pull; some uppercut in his swing; game power plays down due to passive approach.
Baserunning/Speed40Stocky actions running; longer strides; better underway; not a big threat on the basepaths; steals on baseball instincts more than speed; average baserunner; will go first to third.
Glove55Fringe-average reads and routes; corner actions, mobility and acceleration.
Arm50Average arm strength; accurate.
Fringe-average/Platoon corner outfielder. No plus/carry tool. Overly passive approach mitigates effectiveness of his tools. Doesn't hit same-handed pitching.



Anonymous said...

Jeeze, these guys are really down on Nimmo. Also same grade as Conforto in the Baserunning/Speed category? That seems really strange in my opinion, and also thrown off that they think his hit tool is his 2nd worst, I had it the other way in my mind.

Mack Ade said...

This is why I like to post some of this stuff without any opinion of my own.

I want you to see what the so-called 'experts' say about our prospects.

ZachBoyer said...

Can I ask why would they have him ranked 69th out of all possible prospects if he's also only projected to be a platoon corner outfielder? Is there some disagreement amongst the staff over there?

Mack Ade said...

Zach -

I don't know and it was obviously written before this season started.

My concerns are only what is produced, not what is projected. The AA level is where a player makes his bones, and Nimmo (even after a horrendously slow start) is doing just fine there.

The only downside continues to be his lack of developing any power.

Right now, he's a better hitter than Lagares with far less CF skills... and I'm not sure if the Mets are looking long term for a corner outfielder that can't produce a .425+ slugging percentage.

May be better trade bait

Anonymous said...

I am hopeful about Nimmo.

The downside may be his platoon splits. He's really struggled against LHP.

I also thought the concerns about passiveness at the plate were somewhat legitimate, but also something that could develop with experience & confidence.

I keep hoping for Shawn Green, though he won't have Green's power. (People forget how great Green was before the shoulder injuries.)

James Preller

Anonymous said...

He hasn't been too bad against lefties so far this season, even though it's a small sample size. Even last year in Advance A i'm almost positive he had better numbers vs. lefties. Last year in AA was really the first time since his first full season that he really struggled against lefties. So I really don't think Nimmo is going to be half bad vs. lefties

Thomas Brennan said...

These guys have to rank 100's of guys throughout baseball. They're bound to get a lot wrong. Hard to sY whether 69th in BB is fair or unfair, but the write up is harsh. I agree that he'll most likely be better than they describe. Where they see "passive" I see "determined".

Thomas Brennan said...
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