Ernest Dove - Is Mets Phenom Amed Rosario the Reason for Hesitation on Acquiring a New SS?


  So, as we've gone through since what seems like years of speculation, desperation and social media craze regarding the need for a new shortstop in Queens, the team once again is hearing the same whispers again this past.  Apparently old Tulo (apparently healthy Tulo) has played in every game, and reports to be willing acceptance of a trade.  And who else but the Mets have their name brought up immediately.
  However, I'm tired of that rumor. Been there, done that. Matz is now playing and dominating the highest level left in the minors, while Syndergaard just made his debut and looked very strong.  There are both positives for their trade value, while at the same time also extremely encouraging for a team looking for the high power arms to meet their expectations for possible decade long success.   But rather then simply discuss the teams willingess to take on sizable money (insert Wilpon comment here), and willingness to part with one of these two studs in a package deal, why not consider another quiet reasoning for lack of movement on the trade front?

  I guess I kinda know about young Amed Rosario.  He's definitely a 'bonus baby' with his Million plus international signing a couple of years ago. But there's been plenty of those who havent panned out and/or never stuck to the position signed as (insert Wilmer comment here).  Yet here I randomly see his name thrown around Mets universe recently in discussions long term planning and success planned by this front office and organization.  So what's up with all the hype?

  Based on pure statistics (yes, we all know better), there's now a ton of eye popping numbers here.  In 165 minor league games, Amed has amassed all of 5 homeruns, and 54 RBIs, with a career .257 BA and an OBP under .300. But obviously there's more to the story here.  Starting with the fact that young Amed is just that......young.  he will play out the entire 2015 season as a 19year old. And he will do it at the advanced A ball level, which is pretty amazin.

  The fact remains that not everyone dominates the game of professional baseball and reaches the major leagues before age 21 like Harper, Trout and Dilson Herrera (wait what?).  However, from what I understand (or read online which is usually a mistake), you Rosario can possibly continue to be on track to make that kind of age 21-ish debut in the MLB.  And this, technically, may coincide with a lot of what is going on the possibly plannings of our beloved New York Mets.

  Money is money, New York market is New York market, but outside of everyone's dreams for Mets to start spending $200mil/year, let's be more realistic.  So, even at a modest above league
average payroll, that Mets may only have but so much money to go around for their crop of talanted stud arms and selected hitters to be locked into extensions in the coming few years ahead.  We know about Lagares, and we know that Duda will be looking for his after the season.  We also know that Harvey, deGrom and Wheeler will quitely be looking at some increases in the coming 3 years ahead.  However, what also can't be overlooked is the pending expiring contracts of numerous players during this time, including Colon, Gee, Niese, Granderson, Cuddyer, and even Parnell, Blevins and bench guys like Mayberry.

  So, money should (seriously im not kidding) NOT be an issue in regards to locking up the earlier mentioned studs to multi-year contracts to offset the savings and maintain a solid core.  Which brings me back to young Rosario.  Unlike 'bonus baby' Wilmer before him, Rosario by all accounts remains in the plans for everyday use at the shortstop position, now into finishing of A level ball this year. Defensively, i notice that, in pretty much what's considered a full major leage season of games played in his mintor league career, he has 39 errors.  But, again, im not watching the games.  I don't know the fields he plays on, the balls being hit to him, and oh that fact that they've been hit to a teenager for three years playing with others older than him. So I'm going with the contention that his defense is just fine thank you.  He can turn double plays, and I've nothing about any weakness in arm strength.
  So, might he be the main reason for no reliance on trading away the farm for some $100 mil man, or another teams budding young star?  Even if he's (at least) 2 years away from sniffing major league ballgames?

  As of 2015, I truly believe the Mets front office wants a contender.  We can argue for days about the Granderson and Cuddyer contracts, and reliance to try Wilmer at the position this year, but this team on paper still looks good and passes the eye test. So, are the Mets simply not willing to dump millions into a position they might not fee deserves that kind of allotment of funds at the particular position?  Are they just not willing to trade away potential 1 and 1A type rotation arms who will be under team control to keep them in same rotation as Harvey, Wheeler, deGrom for the rest of the decade at least? And most importantly, is young Rosario so darn talented that despite his numers on paper, he will be manning the position before we know, and for all we know could be the hitting equivalent of Thor and Matz?

  That's for the true experts and evaluators to discuss.  I'm just a guy throwing out a question, which to me is better than simply ranting about the offense in this weeks post (i really wanted to do that).


Thomas Brennan said...

Ernest, Rosario may be terrific at the major league level some day, but my guess is he is a struggling-to-adjust major leaguer in 2018. So they should not avoid Tulo because Amed is right around the corner. My take is he could be ready to start in 2018, but not as an impact guy.

Mack Ade said...

Rosario is both young and suffering from being stacked up behind other shortstop prospects like Gavin Cecchini.

I think he has his best chance at earning a job in Queens with his glove.

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