Mack - Additional Bullpen Alternatives


There are additional relief pitchers sitting by the phone, awaiting their next,,, or first,,, call to the Bigs.

RHRP John Church - John has always been the organizational workhorse, going where he's asked to go and doing what was necessary to win. He leads Las Vegas this season in appearances (15), posting a 1.13 WHIP. Only has walked five hitters in 20.1 innings. He's 28-years old, been a Met for seven seasons. It's his turn. 6-3, 235. Would be his first call-up.

LHRP Scott Rice - throwing for 15 seasons... been around since dirt... was totally over-pitched by Terry in 2013 (73 appearances) whihc led to some aging issues. He's pitched in 14 games so far this season for Vevas at a 0.87 clip

RHRP Chase Bradford - five year vet of the Mets system... 17-13, 2.84 over the 5-years. This year: 13-appearances, 2.93-ERA, Like Church, deserves his firs look at a minimum major league monthy paycheck if you get. (you both will owe me a sushi lunch)

RHRP Logan Verrett -  I thought that he would be immediately stretched back out as a starter, but that doesn't seem to be the plan.


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