Mets Minor League Games - 5-14-15


A night of ugly, as the 4 teams go quietly winless, most likely due to sadness following the Mets' impotent 4 game sweep at the hand of the Bryant Boys in Wrigley.

Minor League Player of The Night -   Brad Weick
Back-to-back high strikeout performances for Weick 20 in 11 innings) re intriguing. In fact, while he is 0-4 with a 4.15 ERA, the most important stat are his K's: 35 in his last 21.1 innings over 4 starts.. I think this 6'9" lefty is future major league material - Brennan.
Honorable Mention -   Jeff McNeil
- Jeff (.345, with 3 more hits last night) has been nothing but hot for St. Lucie In 2015. He struggled there in the 2nd half of 2014 after tearing it up in Savannah earlier.  As Dominic Smith struggles, McNeil's improvement in 2015 is a reminder that young guys can suddenly leap forward.

AAA - Las Vegas - (24-11) 5 - Sacramento (18-17) 6

    LHSP Duane Below -   6.0-IP, 11-H, 6-R, 3-K, 1-BB, 3.47

    LF Brandon Allen - 2-4. 1-RBI, .264

    RHRP Chason Bradford - 1.0-IP, 1-H, 0-R, 1-K, 0-BB, 2.76

Just Vegas' 3rd loss in 21, but they are never easy.  Down 6-0 in the 8th, they put up a 5 spot in the 8th, but there was no more to follow in the one run loss. Below was below standard last night.
AA - Binghamton - (19-15) 3- New Hampshire (17-17 4

    RHSP Luis Cessa -  6.1-IP, 4-H, 4-R, 4-K, 4-BB, 2.97

    DH Jayce Boyd -  2-5, 1-R, double, .286

    3B Josh Rodriguez -  2-3, 1-R,  .321

Another fall-short effort to overcome an early deficit.  Jayce Boyd, after leaving 8 onhe night before GIDP to end the game.

A+ - St. Lucie - (14-20) 2 - Tampa (19-15) 4

    RHP Bobby Parnell -  1.0-IP, 2-H, 1-R, 1-K, 0-BB, 13.50

    2B Jeff McNeil -  3-5, .345

    C Colton Plaia  -  3-4,  2-RBI, .308

Parnell started the game, again not exciting in his 1 inning. Logan Taylor followed with 5 so-so innings of 3 run ball, and Kelly Secrest was excellent again in relief. The Round 1 Boys (Conforto and Smith) combined for 1-8.  

Colton Plaia has been a pleasant surprise with the stick, as the catcher is hitting a fine .308.

After a scorching start, Champ Stuart has been Chump Stuart, slipping to .216, with 44 Ks in 29 games.

A - Savannah - (12-20) 2 - Lexington(14-19) 5 

    LHP Brad Weick -  6.1-IP, 5-H, 4-R, 11-K, 3-BB, 4.15

    SS Luis Guillorme -  2-3, 1-R, .327

    CF John Mora -   2-4, double, 1-RBI, .260

Luis Guillorme continues to excel, wtih his 2 hits boosting Mr. Steady to .327. He has been on via hit or walk 51 times in 29 games, impressive.  But astonishingly, only one double in his 36 hits, so the power switch is in need of repair, at least as compared to a slugger like, say, Bud Harrelson.  

Kidding aside, Luis has been the Gnats' MVP through their first 32 games. He wears a goatee, but is never a goat.

Speaking of goats...
GOAT: RP  Bobby Parnell - probably could think of a few more goats on this winless nigjt, but we'll hang the goat tag on the guy with seniority.


Thomas Brennan said...

I like to look for what guys can compile in a hot streak. After a slow start, Jeff McNeil is hitting .413 in his last 20 games, albeit with only 3 of his 33 hits in that span for extra bases.

Seems this kid has a future as a utility infielder.

Champ Stuart was a house on fire his first 8 games this year, as he was on base via hit or walk 20 times. Since then, in 21 games, he is a worrisome .152 on 13-85, with 9 walks and an ugly 35 Ks. Hopefully, he can fix this, as he has the incredible speed gift, with 50 of 57 steals over the equivalent of full major league season - but with 199 Ks over the same span.

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