ROSTER MOVE - IF/OF - Eric Campbell


Eric Campbell was recalled by the Mets to replace the roster slot left open with the Dilson Herrera injury.

Mack - look for Campbell to play third base and Daniel Murphy to return to playing second base


Steve from Norfolk said...

Well, the infield goes from bad to worse. Why couldn't they have called up Reynolds or Muno to play 2B? I'm already back to thinking we have a front office of Larry, Moe, and Curly. I don't fault the players anywhere as much as I blame the fromt office. We are not only NOT going to make any moves this year, we can't even seem to allocate the resources we already have properly. Until someone that moves the players around the system (Hello? Sandy? Are you awake? I'm talking to YOU!!!) realizes that our middle infield flat out SUCKS, and at least tries a new combination of what we have, any hope we might have had of contending for a postseason slot is lost. I'm surprised that Matt Harvey isn't speaking out already about the lack of defense and the reluctance to do anything about it. I'd rather put Tejada at 2B and leave Murph at 3B, his best position, than move Murpk back to 2B. Let Campbell be a bench player - that IS supposed to be his job, isn't it?

Mack Ade said...

The front office is obviously operating that David Wright will be back soon and Daniel Murphy and Wilmer Flores will start to play error-less infield

Thomas Brennan said...

Campbell was on base 15 X in last 6 games. While I know that means nothing at the major league level they are trying the hot hand. Muno doing OK, and Reynolds cold.

Unless they just feel Ceciliani is not ready, I'd release or send down Kirk and recall .340 Darrell. He is hitting .417 in May in 48 at bats.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, Wright amazingly is not even playing rehab games? MIA when needed desperately, 28 games and counting.

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