Mack’s Morning Report – 4-25-16, Kobe Bryant, Death Bed Observations

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Good morning.

First of all, thanks to all of you who have sent along your warm thoughts on my bout with pneumonia. This one really kicked me in the pants (frankly, still is as I sit here coughing into the monitor) and doctors told me how serious this was for a man of 69-years old with high blood pressure and diabetes. I couldn’t get my head off the pillow for three straight days no less write about the Mets.

I also want to thank both Tom Brennan and Ernest Dove for stepping up to the plate and adding extra content needed to keep this leaky ship afloat. I couldn’t do this without you guys.

I hope you can without me.

My doctors have told me to slow down. Since giving up swimming the English Channel has never been an option, one of the things I have to decide… for good this time… is to leave Mack’s Mets.

So, I’ve decided to do with this time with a little class.

2016 will be my Kobe tour. This will be the last year I write my Morning Report for the site. I will visit each stadium in all four minor leagues and let them shower me with gifts before the season ends. Then, I’ll… well, no, that’s not the way it’s going to happen, but I promise you this… you will get quality home written shit here until the doors close for good.

Secondly, I want to give my writers the option of keeping the site going past this current season. That’s their call, but, after the bell rings at the end of this season, I’m David Letterman.

I really had the computer and televisions turned off during my illness so I had no idea what had gone on until Sunday. We Mets fans never take the time to really step back like this.

Some initial thoughts.

          I see that the Mets aren’t ranked 30th in hitting anymore.

I found it surprisingly rewarding to see that the current Mets are ranked second in the National League in team… fielding. That surprised me.

Despite all the drama in the early parts of this season, I found the fact that Mets have the 4th best winning percentage in the NL sort of surprising...

I’m starting to wonder if Wilmer Flores can survive on this team. It actually takes a lot of talent to be able to deliver in the batting box while playing on a limited basis. On the surface, the acquisition of Astrubal Cabbrera is looking more like the current and future shortstop of this team, at least through 2017. I guess Flores is nothing more than a backup corner infielder and Gavin Cecchini continues to not develop in the minors. On the minor side, our next bug superstar in a couple of years is going to be SS Amed Rosario and all these wannabe versions are going to have to move over and let him follow in Cabrerra’s footsteps.

In addition, Neil Walker is looking to be a gem of a second base addition and the perfect 2017 lead up to Dilson Herrera.

I guess someone needs to send Logan Verrett some flowers this week. It amazes me the depth of quality starters in this organization, which I will write about tomorrow.

Maybe I’m wrong about Travis d’Arnaud. Maybe he just is incapable (like most catchers) of hitting the ball consistently.

The Matt Harvey situation seems interesting, but, frankly, it’s going to take a few of you to fill me what’s going on here. What’s happened to the Dark Knight since that early start when he was cooking and Juan Lagares misplayed a ball in center?

I did click on MLB.com and click up the leaders in the National League in all the major categories. Man-child Bryce Harper is exactly where you expect him to be, ranking wise, but… Daniel  Murphy? My guess is the Mets are not going to get the free ride to the playoffs they were given last year by the Nats.


Tom Brennan said...

Kobe dropped 60 in his final game. I'm sure you can outdo him. After all, he is a mere mortal.

Good to read the Morning Report again. You happened to miss the Mets' best homer hitting output over 8 games ever. Alas, they are returning to the Canyonl

Dreary offense in the Mets minors. I will try to touch on that tomorrow at 10 AM.

I'd really like to see a Mets 15 game winning streak. I guess that could depend on the gimpy Cespedes. Unless it is the final out of the World Series, Yoenis, no more crazy dives, please.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

Did something happen to Cespedes?

Tom Brennan said...

Mack, apparently the dive into the stand bruised his thigh. When he doubled over the weekend, he slid into second, grimaced, and
came up very sore on it. Sat yesterday, today he is supposed to see team doctor. Hopefully he plays tonite and does not need DL.

Brian Joura said...

Welcome back!

Flores has no place on this team. Sometimes the organization owes it to the player to let him move on when he's blocked. Juan Uribe would be a better fit on this team.

d'Arnaud is a hitter. He's hitting the ball with much more authority lately, so don't give up on him. Just add him to the list of people not ready to start the season.

Reese Kaplan said...

I wouldn't be so sure to give up on Flores given the questionable state of David Wright's health and performance. The man did hit 16 HRs and 63 RBIs in less than 500 ABs last year when he got his first chance to play semi-regularly.

Mack Ade said...

Let's face it...

The success of Cabrerra so far this season and the ability of Wright to play more often than expected has and will continue to limit Flores' time on the field.

Tom Brennan said...

Keep Wilmer! Significant playing time is only an injury away for him, and he will play more when it gets hotter and other guys can use a blow. He is making contact, so he will hit. Very small sample.

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