Mack’s Sunday Draft Update – 4-17-16 – New Mock, Rankings, Logan Shore, Dakota Hudson, D-1 Mid Season Report

Good morning.

Barnegat H.S.(NJ) LHP Jason Groome threw a 19 strikeout no-hitter on Monday with a last pitch 94-mph fastball (97 in first inning). And then... he was suspended for up to 30 days for transferring from one school (IMG Academy (FL) back to Barnegat where he played his freshman and sophomore season. Seems he didn't get permission from anyone for the transfer.

The rage of the college season continues to be Clemson freshman Seth Beer, who hit his 14 home run on Tuesday against Western Carolina

Cal RHP Daulton Jefferies is 'day to day' with a calf injury... I have him as the 23rd pick overall in the draft...

Fueled By Sports and Baseball Draft Report have both updated their mocks this week and we'll re-averaged the numbers into our new ranking - 

1 1.     LHP           Jason Groome              Barnegat HS (NJ)
1 2.     LHP           A.J. Puk                        Florida
   3.     OF              Kyle Lewis                    Mercer
   4.     OF              Blake Rutherford        Charminade HS (FL)
   5.     OF              Corey Ray                    Louisville
   6.     RHP           Riley Pint                     St. Thomas Aquinas HS (KS)
   7.     SS              Delvin Perez                Intl Baseball Academy (PR)
   8.     RHP           Alec Hansen                 Oklahoma
   9.     IF               Nick Senzel                  Tennessee
  10.  OF             Mickey Moniak            La Costa Canyon HS (CA) 
1 11.  OF             Buddy Reed                 Florida
  12.  RHP          Connor Jones               Virginia
  13.  OF             Bryan Reynolds           Vanderbilt
  14.  RHP          Jordan Sheffield          Vanderbilt
  15.  3B-P         Josh Lowe                     Pope HS (GA)
  16.  SS             Nolan Jones                  Holy Ghost Prep (PA)
  17.  LHP          Matt Krook                  Oregon
  18.  RHP          Cal Quatrill                 Stanford
  19.  OF             Nick Banks                   Texas A&M
  20.  OF             Will Benson                  Westminster Schools HS (GA)
  21.  RHP          Logan Shore                 Florida
  22.  RHP          Kevin Gowdy               Barbara HS (CA)
  23.  RHP          Daulton Jefferies         Cal
  24.  RHP          Ian Anderson               Shenendohowa HS (NY)
  25.   RHP         Robert Tyler                Georgia
  26.  C               Zack Collins                 Miami
  27.  LHP          Braxton Garrett          Florence HS (AL)
  28.  C               Chris Okey                   Clemson
  29.  RHP          Mike Shawaryn           Maryland
  30.  LHP          Eric Lauer                    Kent State
  31.  RHP          Dakota Hudson            Mississippi State

  32.  3B              Bobby Dalbec              Arizona

A few thoughts on Nick Banks

From Minor League Ball - Nick Banks is an outfielder for Texas A&M, who will be entering his Junior season this fall. He is currently seen as a 2016 first round draft prospect. Let's take a more in-depth look at him.

Banks is a 6'0", 200 pound outfielder who graduated from Tomball HS in Tomball, Texas. He went undrafted in the 2013 draft, but that was due to a combination of his college commitment and some injury issues during high school. He had quite a successful high school career, though. He was named a Perfect Game All-American and went to the playoffs all four years, including a championship run his senior season. As a senior, he hit .531 with nine home runs and only twelve strikeouts in 136 trips to the plate.

And, Bobby Dalbec –

From The Baseball Draft Report - Dalbec deserves a lot of credit for battling back from a slow start to now have a more than respectable 2016 overall batting line. He also deserves respect for being one of the realest 2016 MLB Draft prospects out there. What you see is what you get with Dalbec: massive power, lots of whiffs, and a fair amount of walks. His arm and athleticism help make up for a lack of easy lateral quickness at the hot corner, so sticking at third should remain an option for the foreseeable future. The older, popular, and common comp for him has been Troy Glaus; on the flip side, I’ve heard Chris Dominguez as a possible outcome. The Glaus ship appears to have sailed, so something in between that and Dominguez would be a fine professional result.

The University of Miami became the number one ranked college team after this month's sweep of Clemson and North Carolina and one game win (other two games snowed out) against Notre Dame.

 'U' is led by junior catcher Zack Collins (29-G, .424.583/.718, 7-HR) and OF Willie Abreu (29-G, .250/.333/.452, 5-HR).

D1's mid-season report (through 4-6 games) - 

    1.         C  Zack Collins    Miami   .410/.580/.680

    2.          1B Jamerson Fisher   Southeastern LA.    .510/.618/.854

    3.          3B  Jake Burger   Missouri State   .405/.483/.760

    4.          SS  Sheldon Neuse   Oklahoma   .396/.504/.708

     5.          OF  Seth Beer    Clemson   .430/.538/.935

     6.          OF  Anfernee Grier   Auburn   .430/.520/.670

     7.          OF  Kyle Lewis   Mercer   .414/.547/.802

     8.           DH  Will Craig   Wake Forest   .480/.570/.950

     9.           UT  Luken Baker   TCU    .330/.450/.500 

These were no new mock drafts this week to add to the equation, so the current two players projected to be the Mets picks remain –

          #19   RHP           Logan Shore       Florida
          #31   RHP           Dakota Hudson  Mississippi State

For the sake of reference, here are the top 12 right handed pitchers currently in the draft –

1.     RHP      Alec Hanson       Oklahoma
2.     RHP      Riley Pint           St. Thomas Aquinas HS (KS)
3.     RHS      Connor Jones     Virginia
4.     RHP      Jordon Sheffield   Vanderbilt
5.     RHP      Daulton Jefferies   Cal
6.     RHP      Logan Shore       Florida
7.     RHP      Cal Quantrill      Stanford
8.     RHP      Kevin Gowdy      Barbara HS (CA)
9.     RHP      Robert Tyler      Georgia
10.  RHP     Ian Anderson      Shenendohowa HS (NY)
11.  RHP    Mike Shawaryn   Maryland
12.   RHP    Dakota Hudson   Mississippi State


Joe D. said...

?Hope you are feeling better today, Mack!

Ernest Dove said...

And with the 100th pick in the 2016 MLBdraft, the New York Mets select:
CJ Chatham, SS FAU ;)

Robb said...

I have to say i know nothing about the draft, but I feel like Ian anderson an east coast prep power righty looks like a good option. Obviously prep pitching is a crap shoot, but considering these players are all at least 2 maybe 3 years away most likely, and this is the year to use that extra first why not.

Tom Brennan said...

Nick Banks is looking good to me

Unknown said...

Ian Anderson goes to the high school I graduated from, and for our area to produce an athlete with any interest from professional sports is a huge deal, being in Upstate new York

Mack Ade said...

Hey folks -

I crawled over to the typewriter while my bride slept to give you a quick update.

Going yo VA Hospital today with a copy of xray taken... actually, I don't feel any better that when this all started...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anderson is a local kid, actually saw his HS team play on Friday. He didn't pitch. Word is that he hit 98 on the gun last week. Rail thin, headed to Vanderbuilt until some team drafts him and offers big money.

Must be so tough for those top colleges to recruit players.

James Preller