Mack’s Morning News – 4-8-16 – Noah Syndergaard, Tyler Kolek, Pitchers vs. Bats, Travis Taijeron, Dom Smith


Good morning.

There are a few changes here on Mack’s Mets that I want to go over before the season continues.

-The daily minor league recap has been cancelled. Instead, Tom Brennan will have a weekly recap of all the minor league teams on Tuesdays at 10am and I will add various daily highlights in my Morning Reports the day after the games.

-We will feature reprints of all the press releases from the four full season teams the morning after the games.

-Lastly, Christopher Soto and Stephen Guilbert are no longer writers on Mack’s Mets. We wish both of them well in whatever they choose to do, Mets wise.

A question from John Loopy

Syngergaard seems to have taken over from Harvey as the "must watch" game of all the Mets pitchers. He's been unbelievable and you can only see him getting better.

Do you think Harvey can go with him? Do you think that Thor's success will drive Matt? Both seem to have Alpha Dog personalities that thrive on attention and want to be No.1.

DeGrom comes across different. He doesn't seem to give a shit about all the attention. He just wants to compete and appears happy enough to let Harvey and Syngergaard fight for the spotlight.


          Mack – Good question.

          Your answer is deeply embedded into Matt Harvey’s brain.
Harvey has the ego to either accept Thor or reject any success he has. I don’t see him having any problem with  Steven Matz or Jacob deGrom. They have different personalities and accept Harvey as the ‘Leader Of The Pack’? Does Syndergaard? I don’t know.

As for Syndergaard, my guess is he welcomes the competition for King of the Mountain and would gladly give it up to Harvey… if Harvey pitches better than him.

If not… watch out (maybe)…

Miami top pitching prospect, Tyler Kolek, had Tommy John Surgery on Wednesday. Kolek was always one of my favorites to write about before the 2014 draft where he was picked second overall in the first round by the Marlins. Kolek had a horrible 2014 (4-10, 4.56) and had suffered elbow discomfort this spring. This may be a big time problem for the Marlins.

Hansel Robles has now completed his 2-game suspension.

Injury Report – There are some players starting the season off on the DL… SP Michael Gibbons, RP Paul Paez, C Raywilly Gomez, OF Jonathan Johnson, and OF Jared King are all down for the count (though I have not received specific reasons why)…

Dilson Herrera has some shoulder issues and will be limited to DH for awhile…

Ralph Waldo Emerson: Sir Eno, I do say, your chats are simply marvelous. Could you oblige an old chap and opine on your preference. If you had to start a franchise, would you rather the young arms of the Mets: Harvey, Syndergaard, deGrom, Matz, and Wheeler OR would you fancy the young bats of the Cubs: Rizzo, Bryant, Heyward, Schwarber, and Solar?
Eno Sarris: Don’t at me youngsters. I take the bats. Always have.

Mack – It’s impossible for me to be objective here, but I wlll tell you this… there are far more ++ pitchers in this game than ++ hitters.

Alex (TX): What is the scouting report on Travis Taijeron? He produced last year and again this spring. What is his ceiling from a role and statistical standpoint?

Matt Eddy: Had Taijeron not recorded one of the worst strikeout rates in the PCL last year I would be more confident that he was on a Josh Satin or Eric Campbell track, to cite recent examples of Las Vegas RH mashers who made the big leagues. Taijeron’s power is legit.

Greg (VA Beach): How concerned are you about Dom Smith's conditioning? Seems like it's a known issue and he had a chance to show in camp up lighter but didn't, from what I coukd tell. I realize if he rakes no one will care but are concerns about his makeup legit?

Matt Eddy: I know other organizations are concerned about 1B Dominic Smith’s work ethic, but we have seen so many unconventional body types have success in the majors that Smith’s perceived condition shouldn’t override his actual ability. If you want to forecast him for a shorter performance peak based on his body type, I think that makes sense.

Charlie (NYC): Who are two players from the Mets system that will have A) the best year and B) the most surprising year (positively or negatively)?

Josh Norris: I think will Dom Smith will have a huge year. I absolutely loved him in the Arizona Fall League, and their Double-A manager gushed about Amed Rosario in the brief time he had with him last year too.

Mike (Vermont): Will Dilson Herrera = Pedroia Light?

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo: Honestly, the Mets wish for that good an outcome. I like Herrera. He has good bat control and more power than you’d think. But Pedroia’s career OPS plus is 115, with 127 and 131 in consecutive seasons. No way Herrera’s that good.

Nick C (NJ): What 3 Mets prospects do you see making biggest jumps this season?

John Manuel: I’ll be interested to see Becerra now that he’s gone through the Rule 5 unselected. He’s toolsy, physical, he’s got power potential, he makes decent contact … I think he could blossom, even in the FSL. I’m in on Milton Ramos as a middle-infielder to watch, and it’s a good sign to see him make the full-season Columbia low A roster. Last, I like Pat Mazeika’s bat. Not sure how he’ll catch, but the guy can hit, and I think he controls the K zone enough to make a 2016 impact in A-ball.

In the minors last night…

        Binghamton was weathers out… the game will be made up sometime later on this season as part of a doubleheader…

        Matt Reynolds started his first professional game at third base (for Las Vegas)… and in case any of you thought he would be uncomfortable with this decision, he hit his first home run in the 4th inning to let us know everything is okay...

        SP Josh Prevost survived his way through 3.2 innings for St. Lucie. He struck out six, walked one, gave up two runs (one earned) and ended the night with a 2.45-ERA.

         You can't have a more excited finish than a 9th inning walk away home run by St. Lucie's Amed Rosario 

          An outstanding opening day outing for Savannah's... err... Columbia's Chase Ingram... 4.0-IP, 7-K, 0-ER, 0.00

          Columbia is going to have to wait another night for their first win. Alex Palsha and Johnny Magliozzi gave up four runs in the 9th inning and screwed the pooch.

                   Best Las Vegas pitching stat lines:

                                  Rafael Montero - 5.0-10. 1-ER, 5-K, 1.80

                                  Josh Smoker - 2.0-IP, 0-ER, 2-K, 0.00


Thomas Brennan said...

Exciting minor league start. Matt Reynolds and Amed Rosario - the next Maris/Mantle home run derby? Tey're both averaging a homer a game - even if it is only one game.

The minor league Show Below the Big Show has begun - great fun.

Home opener today - winter tomorrow.

Zozo said...

A little off topic but if and when Reyes gets his 2 month suspension, I would try and bring him over on the cheap. I would start him over Cabrera and send Campbell down to the minors if he has options left.
Lineup would be

We could use to add some speed and Cabrera could backup middle infield.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

It will also be interesting to see how many HRs Taijeron hits this year.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

Sadly (for me), the Reyes ship has probably sailed.

Reese Kaplan said...

How about that Montero guy? He needed that kind of start in the worst way.

Adam Smith said...

Zozo, I think that Reyes days as a speedy and productive SS are finished. That and the domestic abuse tells me we should avoid the circus of bringing him back at all costs.

Mack Ade said...

I got to know Reyes' family a little back in the day...

His motivation was always the money.

I don't see him having that anymore.

Anonymous said...

Morning Mack:

I have a comparison for you?
How about John Kruk? Dominic Smith and John have similar body types.
I think Smith profiles to have the same type career.


Mack Ade said...

Steve -

Good comparison.

I can't believe how much Smith has bulked up.

I guess he'll hit a 100 home runs this season.

Richard Jones said...

In order for me like a Reyes trade the Rockies would have to eat 98% of his salary. They would also get no top 30 prospect in return. That way he is little risk. Thing don't work out cut him loose.
The Rockies would never agree to that so I agree the Reyes ship has sailed.

Thomas Brennan said...

Taijeron will hit 40 if he plays everyday

Thomas Brennan said...

If Jake misses any time, Maybe Montero starts for him

Thomas Brennan said...

If Jake misses any time, Maybe Montero starts for him

Thomas Brennan said...

Taijeron will hit 40 if he plays everyday

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