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Being bored, I have thought about what direction perhaps these NY Mets to take now even though it is still early in the 2017 season. I find this important to suggest now
because...this is not working here and it may be a larger hole in the ship than we had prior thought. Rephrased, it cannot hurt!

There appear to be a few obvious things holding this team back, some large and then some smaller in scope.

I think as a whole, this organization (as well as its many fans) were all thinking that this "could be our year" and that the many necessary pieces of the puzzle to attain this 

lofty dream were in fact in-place to make a run. Like every NY Mets season though, the injuries interrupted this dream, as we have again seen. It is this organization's re-occurring nightmare that hampers each and every single season. It has gone on too long here and must be reeled back in.

Think about it a moment. How many NY Mets players appearing in the recent WBC are now out with injuries, some of which are serious? You have a team in these NY Mets that has traditionally battled injury year to year. Then several key Met players extend their own season by playing in the WBC prior to the start of the 2017 MLB seasn and are at current watching the games from their respective home television, injured and unable to play. Does this make any sense to anyone? Does the WBC matter this much?

Here, is what I am leaning towards wanting to see happen here now. (It is only my opinion.)

There are players we have counted on in past seasons that maybe (now) we really should not. Players like Granderson (age), Duda (injury propensity), Reyes (age and at times apparent lack of focus unless back playing shortstop. Although he is a decent utility player still.) And then too possibly Jay Bruce here as well. He isn't sustaining his really good start. 

Then, there are players that maybe should not ever be counted on as consistent Met starting players. We all know who these are here.

So, I'd like to put "out there" into ether space so to speak this starting field and suggest too the utility role ideas that I currently have. Note here also, that there are Las Vegas players I am liking and watching for here as well. Namely, Alberto Baldonado (lefty reliever who is coming on somewhat), Kevin McGowan (righty reliever with some success in Vegas in 2017 already), Travis Taijeron (coming on now with the power bat and hitting for average .297 BA) and of course SS Amed Rosario (.360 BA) and 1B Dominic Smith who have not slowed down yet offensively. So here goes, damn the torpedoes and fire away because this team needs a new hairdo and bowtie.

1B Dominic Smith, 2B Neil Walker, SS Amed Rosario, 3B Asdrubal Cabrera, LF Yoenis Cespedes (once well), CF Brandon Nimmo (coming on strong again at Las Vegas and just needs a bit more time down at Vegas to be ready for a call-up. Brandon had a double and a homerun last Vegas game.), RF Michael Conforto (next NY Mets Captain material for certain), 

C Good Luck Here. You are on your own with this position. My own suggestion is to add in a catcher from outside who can actually hit and also hit homeruns, if there is one out there that is. What about a trade for

At starting pitching...

Wilk is not it. Would actually prefer now even trying AA Rumbleponies' P.J. Conlon  (age 23 and a lefty starter with stats similar to a young Tommy Glavine's. Yes,
everyone in the Mets front office will probably freak-out totally (LOL) if they ever heard this suggestion. But to them each one, I might say this, "What do you have to lose here with this idea really?" Stephen Matz (remember him?) is starting to pitch now down a Binghamton and doing alright thus fay too. May need a few more weeks though there, not certain. Matt Harvey looks like he may not ever really be that same great starter that we once saw here after he arrived to Citi Field.This has to be frustrating for him. But here's the fix, Matt has to take serious now his apparent need to re-invent himself as a big league starter, by adding in a really good one more out-pitch to his arsenal. The "great ones" can do this and I believe that so can Matt
Harvey, if he wants to. Here's my rotation thoughts with Noah and Lugo still out injured...

SP: Jake deGrom, Zachary Wheeler, Stephen Matz (when ready), Matt Harvey, PJ Conlon, Kevin McGowan. Yes, Kevin McGowan (age 25) who recently spot started very nicely at Vegas.

Looks a lot like Robert Gsellman, who I might send down a spell to Las Vegas in order to get everything righted. They look a lot alike, so probably no one will even know the switch.

RP: Alberto Baldonado, Josh Edgin, Franisco Salas, Jerry Blevins, The Smoker, and when Addison Reed returns.

Utility Players:

INF TJ Riveria, INF Phillip Evans, OF Travis Taijeron (leads Vegas in homers and has a .297 BA at current there),

Trade thoughts: Bruce, Duda, Granderson, Lagares, Flores, d'Arnaud all for one catcher with power returned here (like Jonathon Lucroy for instance!)

Call ups: Smith, Rosario, Taijeron, McGowan, Baldonado

Send downs: Gsellman, Reynolds, Plawecki, Mr. Met

Promotions to AAA from Binhamton: Secrest, Taylor, Regnault

Promotions from AA to Mets: PJ Conlon (why not, you have absolutely nothing to lose.)


Reese Kaplan said...

Remember, these are the Mets with Tyler Pill leading the PCL in ERA but we get Wilk, Montero, Milone and Ramirez.

RichWest said...

This is an absurd article. Who wrote this a 12 year old.

Mack Ade said...

Rich West -

Welcome to Mack's Mets


Thomas Brennan said...

McGowan was starting to stir a little interest until cremated in relief last night for Vegas without the PCL hitter effect - it was in New Orleans. Al Baldonado has also shown that pitching in the PCL (badly) and AA (brilliantly) shows that AAA is a worthy challenge for guys getting ready for the rigors of the big leagues...clearly, Al is not ready yet...once he normalizes in Vegas, he might well be.

Casey, feel free to respond to respondents when you write. A good give-and-take is worthwhile.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Another CG shutout today by Humphreys today

Thomas Brennan said...

Humphreys - he should be promoted today. How else is he going to be our opening day starter in 2018? :)

bob gregory said...
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Mack Ade said...

Bob -

FYI... we're Mack's Mets, not Metsblog

bob gregory said...

Be careful please.
Like the article, or not...that is entirely up to you.

Agree or not....feel free to comment.

Please though, refrain from insults.

None of the article writers here on Macksmets are paid.
Not too long ago, days went by without a single new article.

We should all appreciate the time and effort all of the Macksmets writers demonstrate in displaying their passion through their articles.
None should be discouraged due to crude insults.

bob gregory said...
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