Mack’s Morning Report – 5-22 – Harol Gonzalez, Neil Walker


Good morning.

 Jeffrey Paternostro wrote a piece on the Columbia Fireflies for BP that included this on Harol Gonzalez

So the stuff has improved across the board. Gonzalez’s prior calling cards are still here too: advanced pitchability and the confidence to throw any of his pitchers in any count or game situation. There’s potentially four average or better offerings here now and plus makeup/mound smarts to help the arsenal play up.. Still, it’s a difficult profile: he’s a short, lean righty who has to make it as a starter to have a real major league role, as there isn’t an obvious bullpen fit for this profile. In the past I have pegged him as one of my acquire 3s, but that feels light now.

Mack – I’m a big fan of Harol. He got right behind the 8-ball on his first outing when he gave up five earned runs in 3.2 innings pitched (12.27-ERA). He’s been fighting back since then and came up with his best outing this week (7-IP, 1-ER, 8-K). 

He didn't pitch half bad yesterday either: 4-IP, 1-ER.

My hopes is he continues to improve and finishes his Columbia experience with an ERA below 4.00. Time will tell.

MLB Trade Rumors  had this on the Mets yesterday morning –

The Mets have not resumed contract extension talks with second baseman Neil Walker, and it’s doubtful they will before the offseason, according to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal (video link). New York would rather enter the winter with flexibility at various positions than commit to Walker, with whom it discussed a three-year deal in the $40MM range before tabling talks in February. Walker, 31, is on a $17.2MM salary after accepting a qualifying offer last fall, and has returned from a season-ending back injury in 2016 to post a decent .255/.327/.423 line in 168 plate appearances this year.

Mack – I think this is a smart move at this point of a season that could go in either position. Walker runs hot and cold with a bat in his hands and is always one play away from a future stint on the disabled list. Add to this the fact that Gavin Cecchini is major league ready in Las Vegas (yes, he’s only hitting around .250 but he is playing excellent defense at second). Cecchini is 23-years old and is ready to join Dominic Smith, Amed Rosario, Wilmer Flores, and T.J. Murphy in the ‘next’ Mets infield.

A follow-up on Cuban OF prospect Luis Robert, Baseball America came out Friday with the list of team favorites to sign him… St. Louis and the Chicago White Sox.

And now, as I understand it, he is finalizing a deal with Chicago.


There are 133 service days left to avoid Super 2

Carlos Collazo‏  @CarlosACollazo  -   2018 LHP and Wake Forest commit Brennen Oxford managed his fourth-straight no-hitter Thursday night.

Eudor Garcia has reported to Mets extended spring training.

On the Mets medical  mess


Thomas Brennan said...

A forgotten bad luck fellow starter of Harol GONZALEZ in Blake Taylor. I plan to do a spotlight article on him this week.

Anonymous said...

We saw this with Duda, who also rejected a contract offer. My (wild) speculation is that Sandy doesn't take to those rejections all that well. When Walker started to negotiate for more money, he might have ended his career at a NY Met.

For me, I think the $17.2 for Walker -- who is solid, but unspectacular -- was a terrible waste. Especially when the Mets have Flores and Rivera and Cecchini all available to play that position. Especially when Cabrera/Reyes will have to figure something out once Rosario comes up (and that should be very soon).

Walker is in the way of all those guys who could have given the Mets something close to his numbers, while giving the club an extra $16 million to address various team needs.

Instead of going bold, Sandy went bland.

Which makes me wonder: Is he the GM to remake and remodel the 2018 Mets, when $70-90 million slides off the payroll?

Jimmy P

Mack Ade said...

Jimmy -

I agree on your thoughts on Sandy. Do not cross this guy or you will become an ex Met.

I have not changed over the years. I want the best defense money can buy in the middle of the field. That means CF, SS, and 2B.

I want my big bats at 1B, 3B, RF, LF, and C.

Amed Rosaro fits this mold.

So does Juan Lagares, but he is not going to move Cespedes out of center.

Therefore, we have to have DEFENSIVE MINDED SECOND BASEMAN.

The Mets are doing everything they can to turn Gavin Cecchini into a vacuum at this position in Vegas. It is working so far but I am not sure if he will work out next year in the majors.

Thomas Brennan said...

Where's Doug Flynn for 2B when you need a defensive whiz/ He was something else.

I agree with Jimmy, too...what an infield log jam with Walker. Imagine if Wright had been half way healthy. Something will have to give by the trade deadline, if health holds up for the current guys and Rosario. Keeping him in the minors one day past Super 2 is one day too long.

Robb said...

well, your rf and lf are set for next year. I think it will be interesting to see where cabrera plays when he starts his rehab assignment. if he plays some 3rd base i think you can make a case that rosario will be called up sometime after super 2.

While, we fans think rosario is ready, it does seem that the organization isnt wavering on the fact that he is not. clearly they think something (pitch selection from what ive reas) needs to be worked on. super 2 is about fathers day. so he's working on that until then. thats 6 weeks from the trade deadline.

I think its really possible that come Aug 1 its rosario at ss and nimmo legares in cf. cabrera at 3rd base.

Eddie Corona said...

was that a typo on the super 2 cut off?
I thought it was around June 2...

Mack Ade said...

Eddie -

I got my numbers from online... I may be wrong if they are wrong.


Mack Ade said...

Robb -

I want to remind everyone that we thought Dilson Herrera was ready also,

Thomas Brennan said...

I think the 133 days of Super 2 mean that a guy has to have 2 years and 133 days of service time by the end of his 3rd year (assuming uninterrupted time on the roster) to beat the Super 2.

133 days prior to season end is around early June. So if a guy is in the minors until mid-June, he can't get 133 days in for year 1, and thereby have 2 years and 133 days in by the end of his 3rd season (which, if he did exceed 2 years and 133 days, would allow him to be considered to have 3.00 years of service for arbitration purposes).

If I am all wet on that, I am open to hearing the correct interpretation.

Robb said...


it's hard to scout the stat line and know why some guys might not be ready when they are succeeding. I feel like maybe if Conforto had received more at-bats in the minors against lefties we might have been able to avoid the whole he cant hit lefties thing. Its just hard to know the rationale. Maybe thats part of what rosario needs, is more at bats against guys who throw left handed breaking pitches. They track everything. If i guy gets all his hits on fastballs over the plate maybe they want him to see more curves on the inner half. who knows.

Dilson is plying his trade in AAA after hitting 296 last year for AAA Louisville after the trade. Bet he thinks he's ready, but there are guys ahead of him who are more ready in managements eyes.

none of this will ever make TC's bullpen management go away. sadly

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