When it comes to future Mets relievers, putting up freaky-good numbers is an admirable qualification.   

After all, who wants mundane results like a 4.00 ERA with 7 K's per 9 when freaky numbers can be achieved.

Tyler Bashlor is doing freaky in St Lucie. Trust me.

At least, when I see a guy fan 27 in 15 innings, that's what I conclude.  Who does he think he is, Aroldis Chapman?

Bashlor has been especially freaky-good in his last 7 outings through Sunday, May 21:

6.2 scoreless IP, 15 Ks.

I'll go further on freaky-good:

Last 3 innings, 9 Ks.  

That's not just freaky-good, downright sick.

He's saved all 4 of his save chances in his 14 outings, and allowed runs in just 2 of those outings.

Tyler had a brief, rocky debut in 2013, then missed 2014 and 2015 with an arm injury.  Zach Wheeler said he felt Tyler's pain...or at least I imagine he would have, since they both are Charter Members of the Two Missed Years Club.

So Tyler's first real action therefore was in 2016.   

Mostly relieving in Columbia, he fanned 73 in 55.2 IP.  

So it is real, real clear that Bashlor is freaky-nasty.  I have a feeling he is going to head towards Queens mighty, mighty quickly.  Which should make us mighty, mighty happy.

After all, the Mets can use a 5'11", 195 righty fireballer like this 24 year old guy coming out of the pen.  

I read he touches 98, and maybe he'll put up triple digits for the Mets.  That would be freaky.  Freaky-good.

So if Bashlor continues to electrify, I hope the Mets move him up quickly.


Mack Ade said...

I covered Tyler in high school when he went to Calgary Day HS. He killed it there.

I don't worry about his age. It is not as important for a reliever. What I care about is a complete season without injury.

Let him pitch in the Florida sun. It is good for the arm.

Thomas Brennan said...

Three strikeouts an inning and he'll be in Queens in no time! And kill it there, too.

Gary Seagren said...

Your lips to God's ears or should it be Sandy's

Thomas Brennan said...

Dr Sandy, whom I am hoping will prescribe one Pill every 5 days

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