The Mets lost 4 excruciatingly painful games through Sunday.  Their pitchers are COLD.  So, for solace, we look to the Mets Minors.

Sometimes, we evaluating fans can look only at a hitter or pitcher's full season stats to assess their relative standing and value amongst their minor league peers.

But sometimes, guys can be recovering from an unusual glacial stretch and looking at what they've done lately becomes more meaningful.

Conversely a guy could start out read hot, and once he is figured out by his opponents, his true colors show.

I'm not interested in who is cold - I want to know who is hot in the METS MINORS?  Let someone else cover the frigids.

AMED ROSARIO - IF - LV 51S: .355/.395/.483 - 'nuff said.

DOMINIC SMITH - 1B - LV 51S: .324/.376/.483 - 'nuff said.

DESMOND JENNINGS - OF - LV 51S: Should the  Mets jettison Grandy and call up the 30 year old JENNINGS?  DESMOND is 19 for 50 (.380) with 5 homers over the past few weeks.  I would say yes...shake this Mets team up!  Jennings has plenty of big league experience, pop, and speed...get younger with a hot bat.

TYLER PILL - SP - LV 51S: 3-1. 0.81 in 7 starts - 'nuff said.

AL BALDONADO - LHRP - LV 51S: 20 IP, 0.90 ERA, lots of Ks.  his only 2 runs were in his first of 2 Vegas outings, in which he walked none and gave up just 1 hit in 1.2 IP.  Al is a red hot reliever.

PJ CONLON - LHSP - BINGHAMTON: back to back brilliant starts in which he went 15 IP and allowed 1 run, 6 hits, a walk and fanned 15. 3-2, 2.88 in 7 starts, K per inning.

LUIS GUILLORME - SS - BINGHAMTON: 0 for 8 in his last 2 games, but .316 on the season - stellar D.   Winner.

TIM PETERSON - RP - BINGHAMTON: unscored on in 12 relief outings.  Compares well to the Mets' major league pen, I'd say.

LUIS MATEO - RP - BINGHAMTON: terrible start to the season, but in his last 2 outings, 3.1 scoreless with 6 Ks.  

KYLE REGNAULT - RP - BINGHAMTON: 3-0, 1,35 ERA, with 16 K in 13 IP.

JOHN MORA - OF - ST LUCIE METS: He was 4 for 40 through April 15, presumably because he had to file his taxes.  He owed a buck fifty, so not to worry, Mr. Mora.  

John is 32 for 107 since (.300) and 16 for his last 34 - from frigid to decent to scalding.  Scalding is truly preferable.

PAT MAZEIKA - C - ST LUCIE METS: As if he wasn't hot enough, he's gone 16 for 38, 2 HR and 9 RBI in his last 10 games with 4 walks and just 3 Ks.  Scalding. And .372 with 27 RBI for the season now.  I'd hazard a guess that he is good...real good.

ANTHONY DIMINO - C - ST LUCIE METS: 21 games, .406, .488 OBP...of course the DL interrupts his scalding season.

TYLER BASHLOR - RP - ST LUCIE METS: In 2 games, he gave up a total of 5 runs, but none in his other 10 games, including his last 5, in which he fanned 9 in 4.2 IP.   Nice to have a power pen arm in Bashlor.

AUSTIN MCGEORGE - RP - ST LUCIE METS: already 21.2 IP, which I can guarantee you Terry Collins has noticed.  Just 4 earned runs, 27 Ks.

JORDAN HUMPHREYS - SP - COLUMBIA: let's put it this way - if he had a year more experience, he might be heading to Queens. 6-0, Ks, great ERA and WHIP.  HOT. (Last night, a 2 run first, followed by 5 innings of 1 hit shutout ball, but it was enough for him to lose 2-1.  Still great, though).

MERANDY GONZALEZ - SP - COLUMBIA: 5 awesome starts one shaky one, 5-1,  HOT!

MICHAEL PAEZ - IF - COLUMBIA: Paez hit under .200 for Brooklyn in 2016. Not hot.  First 13 games of 2017? A powerless .209...not hot.  Since then? HOT!  Paez has gone 21 for 68 (.309) with 14 extra base hits, climbing his BA up to .270. Keep it up, Michael.

ALI SANCHEZ - C - COLUMBIA: another guy who hit poorly last year.  He had 3 hits in his first game, then went 3 for 43. PPP-UUU! 

But since? HOT!  11 for 32, pulling him up from .128 to .215.  I expected it from a guy who has fanned only 6 times in over 80 plate appearances.  Contact creates hits.

GABE LLANES - SP - COLUMBIA: Only 2 earned runs in his last 4 starts spanning 26 IP.  HOT!

DASH WINNINGHAM - 1B - COLUMBIA: hitting a paltry .196 on May 7, his last 4 games have been HOT!  As in 8 for 16, 3 homers, 9 RBIs, leaving him at .237 and climbing.

TIM TEBOW - OF - COLUMBIA: 18 for his last 58 is HOT, but 13 K in his last 9 games is a cautionary note

MATT BLACKHAM AND MAX KUHNS - RP'S - COLUMBIA: 2 HOT relief pitchers virtually the entire season.  Both like to strike out tons of hitters. Keep it up!

HOT stuff, ladies and gents. A nice diversion from the team in Queens that has won just 9 of its last 26.


Thomas Brennan said...

Not enough time to update for Michael Paez, who got on base 5 of 7 times in the Fireflies doubleheader yesterday, to jump to .284. He is red hot.

Thomas Brennan said...

On the major league front, Robles has allowed 9 earned runs in his last 1.2 IP. He remains very homer-prone. I see Zach Wheeler pitched well, but 108 pitches in 6 innings kept him out of the 7th.

Can any of these guys ever get thru 7 or 8 innings with that many pitches? If I were a starter, I'd economize, pitch to contact, because I'd know the bullpen was waiting behind me with gas cans in their hands.

Maybe Paul Sewald finally in a challenging relief spot tonight?

Thomas Brennan said...

Call up Kevin McGowan? He has been mixed in relief in AAA, but has had several excellent outings, including last years 2.1 IP with 5 K.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -


I go to bed every night turning off these travel games, thinking we are going to win.

Every relief option in AAA would be green in Queens. I do not have a solution for this one.

Thomas Brennan said...

Very true - McGowan might help, or might not. Baldonado just had his first few AAA games, kind of early. Peterson is a step behind him.

I do think Terry needs to see if Sewald can be competent in important situations. Right now, no other righty in the pen is.

Mack Ade said...

Lugo is pitching in a game at St. lucie this week... maybe he can bring us some relief by the end of the month

BTW... too many pitches by Wheeler, but a nice 5 innings anyway. Any Mets ERA under 4 is a headline right now

Thomas Brennan said...

Wheeler has been our pitching success story so far this year.

Lugo in the pen? It would help.

I am betting that Matz's patella tendon issue (I think that's what he had) was due to his working out too hard in the offseason - I remember a snapshot of him jogging with 2 other mets in spring training, and his biceps and triceps looked ripped. These guys need to do exactly what guys did in the Seaver era, workout-wise. Maybe then they could actually pitch.

Anonymous said...

High pitch counts have been the norm with this staff.i wonder if it is the game plan going in or dan warthen. The defense is poor so maybe mentally it takes it toll on the minds of the pitchers.

Thomas Brennan said...

Not sure on the reason for the high pitch counts, exactly, but if I had a disintegrating bullpen like this one right now, I would not consider 6 strong innings and done for the evening to be sufficient, I would figure that as a starter I have to pitch to contact and try to go 7 or 8 innings.

Anonymous said...

Therein lies the problem, contact to less then adequate defenders. Cabrera wilmer and walker, after surgery have no range. The outfield is ok at best.

Thomas Brennan said...

Marcos Molina back with St Lucie today. 4 strong innings just 1 hit

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