Reese Kaplan -- David Wright Shut Down Again


John Ricco announced that David Wright has been told to stop throwing as his shoulder impingement has not improved.  He's now back to working with physical therapists.  Once the month of May ends the Mets will be approaching an important financial deadline because after 60 days of being unable to play the insurance policy on Wright's contract kicks in and the Mets are only responsible for 25% of his paycheck.

At this point all anyone can do is wish David a life free from pain and as much enjoyment as one can have in retirement.  It's time to end the charade once and for all.


Mack Ade said...

Wright will never fully be pain free from neck stenosis. I take mega does of gapapentin and sundilac and I still have pain all the time.

it's time we move on here... frankly, I forgot he was still around

Gary Seagren said...

Totally agree but it's time for DAVID to step up and do a "Cuddyer" and settle with the club and move on for everyone involved.

eraff said...

He wants to Play...and He's finding out He Can't.

I'm sure they need to go through a defined progression to get to the Insurancxe Payoff....that benefits Him and The Team---He's not walking away from 60 Million Dollars for a Cuddy Level Buyout

Thomas Brennan said...

His last official game was May 27, 2016. I am surprised his insurance would not have remained in payout mode after his 60 days last season, and cover all games so far in 2017.

Robb said...

I respect that he wants to play. He and I are basically the same age and I understand that he still thinks even after all the injuries that his body should come around. i do every time I get a new injury, but it just doesnt anymore. I cant even imagine how to wrap your head around that if you are a professional athlete.

If he decides to retire it will come after the season or about this time a year from now. I hope he ends up in the front office.

Reese Kaplan said...

How about in the dugout following in Mattingly's footsteps and becoming a manager? The Mets could sure use a new one.

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