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Morning folks.

Before we get back to reporting on the Mets and the draft, I wanted to reach out to the readers here and ask some of you to join the writers staff here on Mack's Mets.

All of the writers here started out as readers which shows the high intelligent level of the people that read this blog.

The rules here are pretty simple... there are none.

You write what you want for as long as you want (a perfect post is in the 400-1000 word range). We never change your content and only edit your spelling if you ask us to.

Most of the posts are about the Mets but some are just general baseball related (I particularly love them).

You write as often as you want, park the post in draft form, and email me when it it is ready to schedule. I will take it from there.

Simple, huh?

Email me at: macksmets@gmail and I'll send you an email that will invite you into the site as a writer. We can talk online then.

I hope to here from the next Kevin Kernan out there...



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