INJURY UPDATE - SS - Astrubal Cabrera


SS Astrubel Cabrera was removed from the game tonight with a thumb injury.

It then rained...

Sandy is on the phone ordering an ark.


Reese Kaplan said...

He's already got a single jackass in the dugout.

Adam Smith said...

I'm OK with TJ Rivera and Flores getting more time. Cabrera was an important piece last year, but his range, which was questionable last season seems to have diminished further, due to age and multiple injuries, it would seem. I think that Reyes at SS is an improvement defensively (and he's gotta be better there than he's been at 3B. Assuming they believe that Rosario needs more seasoning (likely true) My leaning would be to move Walker to 3B and play TJ/Flores on the right side. Of course, they likely won't do that, but they should.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam, having an infield of Duda (back in a few days, most likely), TJ Rivera, Walker, Reyes and Flores is still pretty good, especially given that Reyes is hitting again, so those 5 guys for 4 spots is workable, and thus the urgency of a Rosario call up is not extreme. At least as of right now.

Nimmo has not lit the world on fire in his rehab, but they could call him up instead of Rosario, to try to get Amed another 4-5 weeks in AAA.

That said, bring Amed up NOW!

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