Happy Sunday, folks. 

Happy except for that game we call Mets' baseball. 

In 1979 I EXPECTED to lose most games- the team stunk and was drifting way past meaninglessness. This, however, was NOT a season where anyone thought this would be repeated- and that's what injuries, a tight player development budget and bad game-management can do to a team! 

I know it was Terry Collins' birthday on Saturday, but if the team REALLY liked him they would fire him now, pay him what he's owed and let him leave the rubble behind (much of it caused by his own hand, of course!) Let David Wright forget about trying to come back to the team on the field, unless he is going to be interested in being the teams' next manager!! 

At this point, if a change of some sort isn't made, that old Wilponzie--logic will come back - there will be less fans buying tickets, and far less showing up for tickets already purchased, which means a great decrease in sales of food, merchandise and parking dollars. It also means severe decreases in ratings, which right about now is the ONLY thing the Mets can still claim to hold over the head of the cross-town Yankees. That loss in revenue will mean that the Wilpons, in spite of losing over $60 million in payroll coming off the books after this season, will claim poverty once more, and sell the fan-base a barrel of garbage once more wherein they declare that they were right in the first place and without the increased revenue streams produced by attendance, purchases and ratings they could not possibly spend any of the $$ coming off of the books back on the team. 

Then they will promote the fact that some great young players are about to take over key spots on the roster, as per their plan, and that once the team becomes competitive again they will go right back to spending the big bucks (which they don't have) once again. It all serves merely to indict one Bud Selig, the former Commissioner and, shockingly (not shockingly) Hall-of-Famer, who practiced cronyism in letting his good buddy, Fred Wilponzie, keep the team while not solving the A's ballpark/territorial issues but putting in place a new ownership team in Los Angeles who proceeded to spend over a billion dollars so far to create a long-term, contending ballclub. 

Bitter? You're DARN RIGHT I am bitter. And so should every one of us reading this post today, especially those who are over 50 like me, and yet another year further away from 1986- that very same year that Jeff Wilpon would like us all to forget because HE had nothing to do with the team (but, like today, he still wears diapers to protect his clothing from his regularly scheduled hissy-fits!) Sadly, after years of believing in Sandy's "grand plan",  the reality is that, no matter how well-planned it was, you cannot contend with injuries and the heavily-overbid foreign market without having sufficient funds to see the team through the tougher times,like the ones we are currently facing. It's a fool's errand to blame Sandy for that; in fact, in spite of his HORRIBLE game-management, Terry DID  once take us to the World Series (although let's not discuss how he helped lose that for us, too!) 

I can only hope that one of 2 things will happen- either Sandy will get too fed up and an entirely new front office will be put in place, including all medical staff/procedures, management, marketing, etc while Sandy simply oversees the transition and then retires to spend his days (well-earned) with family; or, two, the Wilpons will completely blow up the team, as they are in the process of doing, and then there will be no choice but to have MLB put them onto the market and sell them to the highest bidder. Either way, be prepared for more turmoil, more tsures, more teeth-grinding, more tenacious tirades and, sadly, less victories!!! How long is it until football season?

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend- for this one, for the first time since I am about 4 years of age, I won't be watching baseball for the next two days. Hmmmm...I live in Southern California- what, oh what, is there to do out here??????????


Thomas Brennan said...

The Mets are not strong to the finish. They should have beefed up the pen this off season, and Cespedes needs counseling on the fact that it is his # 1 job to be able to play, not rehab endlessly. We don't need Matz and Thor to be weightlifters, we need them healthy like a Tom Seaver and PITCHING.

1986 is an awfully long ways away. Longer by the day.

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