NEW MET - P - Blake Beavan


The Mets made a minor move to strengthen their support pitching staff. 

Ex-2007 first round draft pick, 6-7 RHP Blake Beaven, was signed to a minor league contract. He was assigned to Las Vegas and most probably join the starting rotation.

Beaven hasn't had a successful professional career so far. He pitched for the Texas Rangers organization that drafted him, a considerable amount of teams and seasons in the Seattle organization, and ended with the AAA franchise of Arizona before pitching all of 2016 for Bridgeport's Indy team.

His major league stat line is 4-seasons, 16-20, 1.27, 293-IP, 137-K.

Mack - I really have no comment here. Beaven probably just plugs a hole, but this does seem like another example of a 'sure fire' first rounder that just misfired. 


Thomas Brennan said...

Hopefully Rafael Montero proves to be the better choice over him. He seems like a #6 or #7, if that at this point.

Mack Ade said...


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