Reese Kaplan -- It's Time to Change


It’s time to shake things up
No, I am not here to call for Terry Collins’ head.  I’ve done that many times and I doubt it’s going to happen since much of what’s wrong has to do with injuries and not his ongoing incompetence.

Let’s try a different approach.

  1. Promote Amed Rosario.  Yes, they want to preserve the Super Two thing by holding him back until June, but the team needs to make changes NOW.  Disable Asdrubel Cabrera as you should have done in the first place and insert Rosario at shortstop every day and leading off.
  2. Release Curtis Granderson or tell him to get real comfy on the bench.  You can’t keep trotting out a .144 hitter more than 125 ABs into the season. 
  3. With Rosario up and T.J. Rivera being productive at 3B, consider releasing Jose Reyes. When Cabrera returns, that’s a nice problem to have – finding ABs for Rosario, Rivera and Cabrera. 
  4. If you’re not ready to sever ties with Reyes, then have him play either LF or CF with Michael Conforto and Jay Bruce taking the other two outfield spots.  Given him until the All-Star break or when Yoenis Cespedes returns to prove he’s got something left in the tank.  If not, wave bye-bye.
  5. Shake up the bullpen.  Granted, we have some small sample sizes, but the 7-8-9 guys should be Sewald, Robles (his one bad outing notwithstanding) and Reed.  Fernando Salas is not getting it done.  Let him get some rest from Collins burnout.  Jerry Blevins seems to work best in his LOOGY role.  The same goes for Josh Edgin.  Release Rafael Montero.  Promote Alberto Baldonado straight up to the majors and out of pitching Hell in Las Vegas.  He was perfect in Binghamton and not a kid at 24. 
It’s May 15th and I give the Mets one month with this new approach to see what happens.  At that point it should be clear whether they have any realistic aspirations for the post season or if they are permanently mired in the second division for 2017.  If the former, great…do what you can to improve the team through judicious mid-season trades.  If not, then start a wholesale rebuild by seeing if you can find takers for Neil Walker, Lucas Duda and others who are not likely going to be a part of the future.  Insert people like Dom Smith at 1B, Wilmer Flores on a full time basis against both lefties and righties at 2B.  Maybe see if Brandon Nimmo can finally get healthy and productive again. 

What you can’t do is continuing to trot out the hitters that aren’t getting it done and the bullpen arms that are falling off.  A good manager would adjust, but that’s not the point today.  Change what’s not working.  It can’t get worse.  


Mack Ade said...

Reese -

As I mentioned in a comment in my editorial post, I am so sick and tired of all this 'Super 2' crap talk. Trying to save chump change in the top media market in the world. Just plain stupid.

Richard Herr said...

And there's one thing that needs to be fixed about eight years ago. STOP UNDERESTIMATING INJURIES UNTIL THEY TURN INTO CALAMITIES.

Thomas Brennan said...

Great article, Reese. You've articulated a fine plan. If Super 2 is a month away, Amed should get promoted now, I agree with you and Mack. A month is a lot of games to wait.

Viper said...

Yes, new young blood is needed. If Jose cannot get it going, he still has skills as a dancer so give pom poms and put on top of the dugout.

Either release Granderson outright or sit him down. Same treatment for Walker (the so called better Murphy). What a joke.

The Imbecile should start doing what he often says. You hit, you play.

Conforto and Rivera should play everyday. Duda and Walker should platoon with Flores where he plays at least 4 or 5 days a week. Give Lagares a month to proof he is either bench player of future core.

bob gregory said...

What message is being sent to members of thus team and organization to flounder through the 2/3rds+ remaining of the season?

The performance on the field and off the field are the results of poor decisions and organizational leadership over the past few years.

If the professionalism of the young players in this organization is to be saved & developed........
A clean sweep is needed NOW!

Alderson, Collins....etc....
It is time to go.

Reese Kaplan said...

In my haste I left out Tyler Pill. If you release Montero then a 40-man roster spot opens up. Ditto Granderson. Ditto Reyes.

Rene said...

Great plan sign me up .why Rosario is not up now it's really stupid.

Thomas Brennan said...

Pill Pill Pill!

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