Robert Ippolito - Mismanagement 101


Normally there is not too much cause for concern when a team wins their last 4 out of 6 games. And then there's the Mets. A team that was praised in the off season for a pitching staff with so much potential. Well, about a month in and we currently sit 27th in the league with a 4.80 era. Not quite what we, or the experts, were expecting. The Mets are also tied with the Brewers for dead last in opponents batting average at .269. For a team that was supposed to be built around pitching, this is far from the results that are needed to succeed.

While poor player performance generally lies at the fault of the player, nobody expected to see Rafael Montero or Adam Wilk as our starting rotation options at the beginning of May. Lets dig down and speculate as to why they are. 

1. Poor Handling of Injuries: This has been an issue for years and shows no signs of improving. Steven Matz was obviously not handled correctly and we all saw what happened to Thor. Refusing an MRI and management tries to play it off with jokes. How about you lay down the law and put him on the DL. Oh that's right, you did, about 1.2 innings and a terrible start too late. They claim the injuries are unrelated, if you believe that, I've got some beachfront property in Idaho to sell you. We all saw what happened with Yoenis and his hamstring, so I'm not even going to waste my time.

2. No Options: Aside from the fact that you can not predict injuries, which I will give a pass, this team really lacked any respectable options if injuries in the rotation occurred. This has happened in other areas [see David Wright]. While Adam Wilk should get a pass since he was apparently run around all over the continent before having to start, lets not forget it's Wilk. He owns a career 6.49 era. But don't worry, we just signed Tommy Milone from the Brewer's scrap heap. While Milone does own a career 4.21, his 2017 era is an alarming 6.43 in 21 innings with 6 HR's given up. I'd like to believe we could have found a spot for Tyler Pill on the 40 man roster.

3. No Leadership in Management: As someone who manages a staff of roughly 50 for a living, I know what it is like to deal with multiple personalities and egos. I'm not so sure Terry Collins is up to the task anymore. Speculation aside on the whole Matt Harvey fiasco...he has to know that he is expected to act accordingly. But when you have someone cracking jokes and ducking lineup/injury questions...maybe your players start to feel a little extra wiggle room. If Terry loses the locker room, then Sandy has to make the call and get rid of him. Bullpen mismanagement aside, Collins has done a fair job with this team the past couple of years. However, for a team that was oh so close, there is marginal room for error. Man up and show them who the boss is. Yell if you need to, throw some chairs if it helps, but get a hold of a team that is relatively young with only a handful of veteran leaders. It's a long season...and will be even longer if this circus continues in a town near you.


Thomas Brennan said...

There is no joy in Metsville.

Injuries and a lack of available farm pitching talent that is ready has left this team in quite a pickle. Trading Gabe Ynoa for cash, rather than finding him a 40 man roster spot was a big mistake.

I wonder if they would have called up Tyler Pill for yesterday’s start if he hadn’t just thrown 8 innings on Friday night, instead of Wilk.

If Pill does not get called up by the Mets in 2017, it could be they just feel he is only good enough to fail in the bigs, and I would reiterate that he should switch to trying to be a position player who could spot-relieve. He hits really well, has zero errors in over 100 games as a pro, and was a pitcher/position player in college.

35 guys pitched for the Mets in spring training – but Pill was not one of them. Even Boom-Boom Wilk got in 5 games. Heck, the washed up Gorzelanny got in 7 games.

So Pill sure appears to be getting overlooked.

Any route to the big leagues should be a minor league player’s motto. Perhaps he can learn a knuckler and win a Cy Young like RA Dickey did. If he did, he’d have that weapon in his arsenal, plus a potent bat and excellent glove. Sounds like a viable path to me.

Anonymous said...

There was an emergency and they needed somebody to take the bullet.

Wilk was the perfect guy.

It's not more complicated than that. Pill was not available and it is not how you want to treat a semi-prospect.


Mack Ade said...

Good post

We'll talk more about this general issue on Friday.

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