In baseball, hotter is better.  
Which Mets minor league hitters are HOT, HOT, HOT?


Brandon Nimmo - was glacially cold post-injuries, but he has been on base 20 times in his last 10 games.  Hot stuff.  Keep pressing on, brother, thy time shalt cometh.

Amed Rosario - HOT all year, hitting in the .350s.  He went to the doctor and had his temperature checked, and the doc said he was at Super 2 on the thermometer.  Amed grinned.

Dominic Smith - hitting close to .330 with 7 homers and 37 ribbies in 52 games.  A hot Duda stands in his way, tho'.

Xorge Carillo - the catcher is hitting .353 with 10 RBI in his last 10 games. Alas, he has thrown out just 2 of 28 in 2017 - that's not so hot, especially compared to Ali Sanchez.


Kevin Kaczmarski - the former 9th round left hitting OF is swatting .321 in May.  How about .375 in June?

Tomas Nido - last year's FSL batting champ, the catcher is hitting .352 with 14 RBI in 19 May games.  Yeah!


Pat Mazeika - the fellow catcher has cooled a bit, OK, I admit it, but despite a 9 for 40 stretch over his last 10 games, just 3 Ks in that span, so they can't all drop in.  But a lot will.  Could Nido and Mazeika be the Mets' catching tandem in 2019?


Dash Winningham - Forget Dash - how about CRASH!  SMASH!  Dude be rippin' with 3 homers and 12 RBI in his last 5 games.  Too hot to touch when men are on base - sizzling like Columbia's noonday sun. He has driven in 36 in 44 games, folks.

Michael Paez - .320/.429/.507 in May.   29 RBIs this season for the 5'8" 175 lb. SS/2B fourth rounder in 2016.  Nice.

Gene Cone - .333 in his last 10 games.  Keep it up, Mr. Cone, and remember that David Cone once went 20-3 for the NY Mets. Another great Cone would be real nice.

Ali Sanchez - Ali continues on his low power 2017, with just 2 doubles, but my suspicion that his early season low batting average would correct itself because he rarely strikes out came thru in May: he is hitting .327 in 16 May games.  He also loves throwing base stealers out - 16 of 29 this year, and 108 of 218 in his career.   Maybe the next Jerry Grote?

Those are the hot 11, four of whom are catchers.
Who will be hot in June?  In honor of June beach weather, let's have at least 13 hot Mets' minors hitters for Ocean's 13.

Can't wait to see who steps up.  FUEGO!!


Hobie said...

Hey! Victor Cruzado: .348 BA last 10G, >.800 OPS since returning from DL


Mack Ade said...

(I gotta get Cruzado to email Hobie...)

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Hobie, nice advocacy for the Cruz missile, but the .348 in 8 for 23! He needs a little longer track record for a hot streak.

Only Tebow gets special status - if he had gone 2 for 4, he's top of the list (too bad he hasn't done that for a long while)

Thomas Brennan said...

Sixteen game hit streak for Rosario.

Thomas Brennan said...

A hot MAJOR LEAGUE bat belongs to Wilmer Flores who is 22 for his last 51 (.431) - hitting both lefties and righties - he should play every day. Jose needs to sit.

Maybe this is Wilmer's breakthrough career moment - Jeff Kent had his; Daniel Murphy had his; let's see if Wilmer is having his. Reyes and TJ Rivera have to be low men on the totem pole right now.

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