Mack – Looking For A Few Great Pitchers


Good morning.

This would be a good time to take a look at the pitching prospects in the Mets pipeline.

Let’s turn to my top 25 prospect list (stats through EOB 5-7) and pull out the pitchers I have on that list –

#3 – Justin Dunn – has pretty much been a mess so far this season. In six starts, he has given up 21 earned runs in 27.1 innings pitched. He also has only 16 strikeouts while giving up 13 walks. I see no chance of him being promoted to Binghamton this season. In fact, I’d send him to Columbia which is a pitcher friendly league. Maybe he could get his mound confidence back that way.

            #4 – Thomas Szcpucki – has been on the disabled list since before the season            started. No information on his ETA.

#6 – Merandy Gonzalez – The 21-year old Gonzalez is having a wonderful year for Columbia. He didn’t give up a single run in his first four starts and, after five, he has a 1.89-ERA with 28-Ks in 33.1-IP. I see Gonzalez possibly moving on to St. Lucie after the draft when the short season rosters are filled out. I really like this kid.

#9 – Jordan Humphreys – The 20-year old Humphreys has been everything we had hoped for so far this season. He’s 1.71-ERA through five starts and has 40 strikeouts through 31.2 innings pitched. Like Gonzalez, I see him moving on to St. Lucie after the all-star break. At his age, he’s way ahead of schedule.

            #11 – Anthony Kay – has been on the disabled list for the entire season and                will not pitch in 2017

#15 – P.J. Conlon – Conlon has been pitching well for Binghamton in the prospect filled AA league. He’s 3.31 through six starts; however, his last one on May 6th was a gem (7-IP, 0-ER, 9-K). He also has 35-Ks in 32.2-IP. Conlon could be some help for us as the season progresses. I expect that if Las Vegas pitchers continue to crash and burn when they hit Queens, Conlon will be sent out west to get on line for the journey to Roosevelt Avenue.

#16 – Harol Gonzalez – Needless to say, I’m very disappointed so far this season with Gonzalez’s results. For the year, he’s 7.27, 18-K, 11-BB, in 26-IP. I still think the kid has what it takes to be successful in this game, but he needs to bear down and start putting together a string of successful outings. He’s 22-years old pitching in rookie ball. I’m just saying.

            #24 – Chris Flexen – has been on the disabled list for the entire season, no                ETA for return

#25 – Rickey Knapp – The 24-year old Knapp is technically sitting next to Tyler Pill waiting for the phone to ring. He needs more time at the AAA level (6-starts, 4.50, 34-IP, 18-K), but, based on the mess going on in Queens, he could easily be rushed to the tarmac. I like Knapp but I don’t see him as a franchise saver, though I said the same thing last year about Robert Gsellman.

I’m not happy with the depth of pitching talent here. Gonzalez and Humphreys look great but they are 2-3 years away from offering any help in Queens.

My suggestion to the Mets is to stop signing shortstops in Latin America and give the big bonus bucks to a couple of the pitchers.

In addition, continue to target stud college junior starters in the draft. The lack of results this season from both Dunn and Kay prove more work needs to be done on scouting. It’s a great draft for starters (especially RHSP) so go get a couple right away and send them right to St. Lucie. 


Robb said...


Its super rare for a latin baby bonus pitcher to big the big buck, it just isnt a good investment for teams usually. Its just too hard to project a 15 year old as a pitcher. So they dont really end up with the big money unless they ahve pitcher bloodlines. Thats just what i recall.

As for Dunn, he's having a bit of a rough year, but with him in the worst case scenario he should be a high leverage situation eliever in the big leagues as he has already done that and has the stuff, so his non injury bust factor is really low.

pitchers can seemingly come out of nowhere. But it looks like Humphreys throws strikes (low walk rate) and pretty hard so thats great.

I mean we are getting jason groome back from boston when they trade him to the red soxs this off season. so not to worry.

Reese Kaplan said...

If and when the Mets decide to throw in the towel on the 2017 season, you might be able to replenish the farm with prospects received in exchange for the multitude of players who are not in the 2018 plans.

Mack Ade said...

I'm not sure I should have had a pitcher of beer featured on a story about Mets pitchers today...

Thomas Brennan said...

Reingold beer?

I know Humphreys is almost but not quite 21, but Golden pitched for the Mets at 19. After reaching 6-0 last nite, in completely dominant fashion, he is ready for St Lucie right now.

I only hope Dunn's lack of success is him working on improving weak points. He has struggled.

Michael said...

Where is Oswalt on your list? Aside from his first two outings he has been fantastic. Numbers are tops in that rotation.

Mack Ade said...

Michael -

I like Oswalt but I'd like to see a little more from him before (I jinx him)I start touting him.

Thomas Brennan said...

Michael makes a good point on Oswalt, Mack.

He's 3-2, 2.04. In the middle of the best stretch of pitching in his career, in AA, with 1 earned run in his last 4 starts.

Mack, I understand and share your concern with him - he has always given up a lot of hits, but only 14 in those last 4 starts spanning 25.1 IP. He does not turn 24 until after the season, although it feels like he has been around forever. So he seems to be a young and rising arm...maybe the next Dillon Gee.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I do not know.

We will see.

Jacob Falk said...

Any word on Marcos Molina?

Mack Ade said...

Jacob -

No word as of today.

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