Mack’s Morning Report – 5-18 – Key Prospect Focus


Good morning.

RHP David Buchanan in 6 starts for Tokyo in Japan...2-1 record, 2.11 ERA, 36K, 11BB in 42 2/3 IP.

It’s a tough time to follow, and write about, the team in Queens, so I thought I’d start this morning report out with a focus look at the system’s top prospects.
Not every prospect is on this post. Only the ones ready for a promotion are. The list is limited but the talent isn’t. I’m always impatient when I see talent performing at a top level and I am particularly impatient this year.

The short list (stats through end of business Tuesday night,) is:

            AAA – Las Vegas:

     SS Amed Rosario – 2012-13 signing bonus: $1.75mil – .364/.407/.523/930, 151-AB, 11-doubles, 2-triples, 3-HR, 26-RBI

                        As much as I don’t like it, we probably are not going to see Rosario in                         Queens until mid-June. There is nothing left to prove here.

Mack Recommendation – Screw Super Two… promote Amed right now and have him in uniform tomorrow. Place him in the lineup as the leadoff hitter playing short and build your infield around him.

   1B Dominic Smith – 157-AB, 10-doubles, 1-triple, 5-HR, 24-RBI, .325/.380/.497/877
                        The ‘Dominic Smith Era’  will begin sometime this season, probably once Lucas Duda is dealt off to another team or if he goes down with another injury. The one thing that isn’t in question here is the Golden Glove potential defense he will bring to first base.

Mack Recommendation – First comes first. Both Duda and Smith are one dimensional. You can’t have one sitting on the bench, waiting for the phone to ring to trade for his service. Get Duda traded now and bring up Smith.

            A+ - St. Lucie:

     C/1B – Patrick Mazeika –  119-AB, 13-doubles, 5-HR, 27-RBI, .370/.450/.605/1055

Mazeika is taking advantage of the open spot at first base that came along after Peter Alonso broken his hand. He’s been red hot all season and, coupled with the fact that Binghamton catcher Tomas Nido is not hitting well this season, and first baseman Matt Oberste is really only a DH, he could move up to New York State real soon.

Mack Recommendation – Don’t waste any time here. Promote Mazeika to Binghamton now. He’s 23-years old and can handle the promotion. Make Tomas Nido his backup or let Nido catch when Mazeika plays first.

          3B/1B Jhoan Urena –  136-AB, 13-doubles, 3-HR, 21-RBI, .353/.453/.515/968

Urena is a lost prospect that has been around for a while. Any movement to play third base seems to be blocked by David Thompson so the only way he can get to Binghamton would be to play a different position. Which he’s now doing. The problem is that the position is first base which is the same position Mazeika is looking to play in New York State.

Mack Recommendation – Put him on the same plane with Mazeika and let the Binghamton handle this ‘good problem’. Frankly, David Thompson may have to be moved aside  with this move. Mazeika and Urena have their game on right now and they need to be rewarded for it. Mazeika leads the leaque in hitting. Urena is third.  It’s time. 

            A – Columbia:

SP Merandy Gonzalez – 2012/13 signing bonus – less than $10K – 21/yrs old – 2017: 6-starts, 5-1, 1.88, 0.78, 8.22-K9 – 8th lowest ERA in league – 2nd lowest WHIP in league -

                        Gonzalez had a simply horrible outing on May 3rd where he gave up  seven earned runs in five innings pitched. Past that, he’s been close to perfect.  
Mack Recommendation – One normally waits until at least 10 starts before considering a promotion to the next level. In the case of Gonzalez, that would take us to the end of May, which is fine with me. This would give the team ample time to work in future-prospect Jake Simon into the rotation.

SP Jordan Humphreys –  18th round/2015 – 2-17: 7-starts, 6-1, 1.81, 0.69, 11.08-K/9 – 6th lowest ERA in league – lowest WHIP in league – leads league in strikeouts

Humphreys has matched Gonzalez’ ability to dominate the Sally League. He also is much more overpowering, leading the league in strikeouts produced. There’s nothing more he can do at this level.

Mack Recommendation – I would send Humphreys on the same plane with Merandy and let them nod at Justin Dunn as they pass each other going in different directions. Dunn needs to take a step back while both Gonzalez and Humphreys would join Andrew Church, Chris Flexen, Nabil Crismatt, and Marcos Molina in a pretty decent rotation.


Zozo said...

How's Molina been doing? I haven't read anything on him in awhile.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

Morning. He's still on the DL and Mets media reps don't talk about these guys past the day they went on the list and the day they come off. Frankly, they barely talk even then.

Thomas Brennan said...

Not sure if Mets could even get Buchanan, but his major league #'s paralleled Gsellman (not good): Buchanan had a 3.75 ERA his first big year, and 6.99 his next and final year.

I like all the guppies you mentioned. Let me add that Justin Dunn threw 5 very strong innings in relief of the returning Chris Flexen, who also pitched very nicely.

Today, St Lucie goes with Matz and Lugo.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

Let me correct that last answer. I had a brain fart.

Molina came off the DL this week and pitched 4 good innings for St. lucie

Reese Kaplan said...

There's a clear need to shake things up in Queens. But they won't.

Anonymous said...

Oberste with 217 innings at 1B so far this season and a .995 fielding percentage. Only a DH ???

Mack Ade said...

Anonymous -

U R right but...

Oberste is still not a major league prospect

Zozo said...


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