The Mets struggle with their major league pitching quality.

Many starters in the top 3 minor league levels are journeymen. Heck, Vegas was pressed into starting Beck Wheeler after promoting Tyler Pill to Queens.  Beck's results were far from pretty.

So why not be aggressive in promoting superior young, exciting performers?  Pitchers are fragile, don't waste their bullets in the minors, I always say.

Here are several I would promote immediately, or very soon, if not sooner, because the Mets will anyway, sooner or later:

AA to AAA:

PJ Conlon - already pitching in AA after not much more than 1 brilliant season in the minors, Conlon hit a bit of headwinds in starts on April 20 and May 18, giving up 5 runs in 3.1 IP in the first, and 5 in 6 innings in the latter.  How would he respond after each?  

He responded BIG TIME.  Two 7 inning shutout starts in which he allowed a total of 4 hits and a walk.  He is not a power pitcher, but has still managed to fan 48 in 53 IP through Thursday, going 5-2, 3.02, making him 17-5, 1.86 in his career.    Good golly, Miss Molly.

My take?  He is ready for AAA - right now.  Hand him his plane tickets, please.

Corey Oswalt: having struggled a few times with injuries since becoming a Met minors pitcher in 2012, he has had 8 healthy starts in 2017.  So how does a healthy Oswalt pitch?  Like Roy Oswalt.   

Corey has gone 4-3, 2.25 with 41 Ks in 48 IP.  He may warrant a bit more time in AA, to show this fine pitching is indeed the real deal, but the 23 year old 6'5" righty (a fine 29-16 in his career) should be singing Viva Las Vegas soon.

High A to AA:

Marcos Molina: the highly regarded 22 year old is back from TJS and has pitched well in 2 outings.  If he can build upon that in his next 2 or 3 starts, I'd send him up to AA and challenge him. He'll meet that challenge.

Nabil Crismatt: already having one fine AA start under his belt last season, Crismatt's last 4 starts have been brilliant: 26 IP, 1 earned run, 30 Ks.  

The 22 year old righty sure seems ready for more Binghamton cooking.  Promote him before he embarrasses any more FSL teams.

Chris Flexen - after a very solid 10-9, 3.56 season for St Lucie in 2016, he needed knee surgery this spring, the Tommy John survivor from prior to 2016 has pitched well in two outings so far in 2017.  What I said about Molina applies to him: a few more tune ups and send him to AA.

A to High A:

Chris Humphreys: pitching like an elite stud, 7-1 and striking out the world, he is wasting his time at this level.  Promote him immediately.

Merandy Gonzalez: the only difference between Humphreys and Gonzalez is that Chris fans more than Merandy.   And he is only 6-1.  Promote him immediately.  

These two Fireflies studs are 13-2, and both have ERAs slight above a run and a half per game.  Move on up!!

And that's just the starters.  Some relievers are ready to move up too.  An article for another day.


Thomas Brennan said...

Two other guys improving by the game and just off this article's radar screen are Justin Dunn and Andrew Church.

Robb said...

Humphries does seem to have mastered the league at this point, but they might want him to be an all star rep. A reward for another couple starts.

Thomas Brennan said...

Maybe, Robb. But an early promo could have him finish up in AA this year.

The Pharmarotic said...

Jordan, not Chris Humphries.

Thomas Brennan said...

My brain lapsed into my former Nets fandom on Humphreys. It happens. Kim Kardashian understands. In any event, PROMOTE HUMPHREYS!

Thomas Brennan said...

Humphreys and Flexen were GREAT last night. PROMOTE BOTH ASAP.

And Justin Dunn had his 3rd straight outing, with 11 innings, 1 run, 4 hits, 9 Ks. Great to see.

Mack Ade said...

I do not know if the conversion of Dunn to a basic 3 inning reliever is long term.

They might just be trying to get his head back together and return him to the success he had last season.

We will keep an eye on this...

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