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Good morning.

Las Vegas –

Corey Oswalt -     
Sunday -                 5-IP, 6-H, 3-ER, 5-K, 2-BB, LOSS (4-4), 5.31

                                    I guess this is a good outing for a pitcher pitching in the PCL. I stopped long ago trying to make excuse for this sorry ass league.

Binghamton -         

            Nabil Crismatt

                        Friday -                      5-IP, 10-H, 5-ER, 5-K, 2-BB, LOSS, 3.68

Crismatt has now given up 11-ER in the last 2-G (10-IP). These are not ace stats. I’m sure he is as disappointed as I am with these results. Let’s see where he goes from there.

Very inconsistent pitching so far this year. 5 bad starts resulting in 23-ER in 23.1-IP. Simply not acceptable.                   
St. Lucie:

            David Peterson

                        Thursday -                5-IP, 6-H, 2-ER, 2-K, 3-BB, WIN (1-0), 3.60

A little sloppy but a win is a win, especially at a new level. His 84 pitches were too many for five innings and more walks than strikeouts are not going to hack it.


Anthony Kay

            Thursday –               5-IP, 8-H, 4-ER, 9-K, 2-BB, WIN (3-3), 4.30

Frankly, another meh performance this time. I love the strikeouts but Kay’s runs per innings pitched keep going up this year. It looks like Kay is going to have another testy year. I hope not, but it looks that way.

Joe Cavallaro -                    Welcome to our newest addition to prospect starters.
                                                This was Joe’s 10th start in the Palmetto State, so I don’t expect him around here for too much longer. Now has 64-Ks in 59.2-IP, with only 18-Ks.
Brooklyn –

            Bryce Montes de Oca

            Jaison Viera -

            Jurgen Jimenez

                        Monday:                  5-IP, 3-H, 0-R, 3-K, 1-BB, 1.00

Jimenez is picking up exactly where he ended last season.  Have no idea why they are making this repeat the DSL. He is so far this stage.

Saturday:                 3-IP, 3-H, 2-ER, 1-K, 3-BB, LOSS (0-1), 2.25

Not a good follow up to Monday and I have ho idea why they didn’t keep him in the game.
            Jorge Cespedes –

                        Tuesday -                  4-IP, 5-H, 2-ER, 5-K, 1-BB, 7.71

A lot better than the rust he has showed so far this young season.
            Hector Rodriguez –

                        Thursday -                4.1-IP, 4-H, 0-ER, 5-K, 2-BB, 1.50

Starters in the DSL take a while to get up to six innings or 80 pitches. Rodriguez continues to look like someone we need to keep an eye on. 20/yrs old. Last year in 13 relief appearances: 3-0, 1.86, 1.09, 38.2-IP, 55-K
Current rankings…

Outstanding outings…     Oswalt, Jimenez, Rodriguez,

            Work Needed…                  Kay, Crismatt


Hobie said...

Jiminez, Cespedes & Rodriguez (who I really like too) are all on the GCL roster stateside.

TexasGusCC said...

Check out Patrick Corbin after missing a year to surgery: hittable and no control. Give Kay time.

Thomas Brennan said...

Oswalt was pitching in Oklahoma City, so the numbers occurred in Real Ball.

We will one day have Kay's K Korner at Citifield. I'm okay with Kay, okay?

Crismatt swooned mid season last year too. Pattern?

Peterson says he would be okay with Kay's Ks. I'm okay with that.

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