Mack’s Apples - Luis Guillorme, Bobby Witt Jr., Matt Wallner, Ryley Gilliam, Tim Tebow


Brooks Baseball on Luis Guillorme

         Luis Guillorme has seen 82 pitches that have been tracked by the PITCHf/x system between 2017 and 2018.

In 2018, compared to how other hitters perform with similar pitches:
Against Fastballs (36 seen), he has had an exceptionally aggressive approach at the plate (-0.27 c) with a below average likelihood to swing and miss (11% whiff/swing).

Against Breaking Pitches (11 seen), he has had an exceptionally patient approach at the plate (0.38 c) with a league average likelihood to swing and miss (33% whiff/swing).

Against Offspeed Pitches (9 seen), he has had a very aggressive approach at the plate (-0.53 c) with an exceptionally low likelihood to swing and miss (0% whiff/swing).        

Next Year Draft Prospects -    
          Bobby Witt, Jr.      SS        Colleyville Heritage         

           PG Grade: 10 - Bobby Witt Jr is a 2019 SS/RHP with a 6-1 180 lb. frame from Colleyville, TX who attends Colleyville Heritage HS. Young athletic build, long and lean with lots of room to get stronger. Very light on his feet defensively, big range to either side, ran 6.71 at the PG Junior National Showcase but has run sub-4.00 times from right side this summer. 

         Outstanding infield arm strength when he lets the ball go, will occasionally shorten his stride on throws and cut his arm off out front. Right handed hitter, easy balance swing with fluid hands, double toe tap trigger, works the ball around the field and will flash his plus power potential when he lets the barrel go. Highest level prospect. Good student, verbal commitment to Oklahoma.        

It's too early for a 2019 mock draft

     9. Mets (27-32, .458): Matt Wallner, OF, Southern Miss

A product of the Minnesota high school ranks, Wallner has been a run producer and closer at Southen Miss. While he's mid-to-upper 90s off the mound, his power potential as an outfielder is what should drive his Draft stock. The 6-foot-5 outfielder has plus pop from the left side and is quite athletic for his size.

Which Draft picks will be fastest to the Majors?

      2. Ryley Gilliam, RHP, Mets (fifth round, 140 overall)

Another reliever who dominated college hitters this spring, Gilliam is a small guy with a quick arm that produces one of the better curveballs in this Draft, not to mention 91-96 mph fastballs. The Clemson product has an up-tempo delivery with some funkiness that adds deception, though it also can hamper his command at times.

Tim Tebow,  struggling in the minors, is not ready to give up on his MLB dream –

      He's batting .245 with four home runs, 21 RBIs and has 71 strikeouts, second-most in the Eastern League, while playing left field for the New York Mets' Class AA affiliate.

And Friday night, before going 1-for-3 with a double and a strikeout, the 30-year-old said, "I’ve always believed in myself, so I’m not going to stop now."
But at some point, Tebow said, he may have to consider a timetable for making it to the big leagues, at which point he would quit playing.

"I think that it’s something I’ll have to figure out, pray about it, and see where my heart's at with everything," he said. "It’s hard to necessarily put a timetable on a dream or ambitions or heart, so I think it’s just looking at it, praying about it and figuring out what’s best."


Reese Kaplan said...

I think Timmy took one too many sacks if he thinks he's got major league potential.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, Tebow's Ks are dropping. With Alonso and McNeil promoted, he gets added pressure now without a promotion. With those 2 promoted, he is a top 5 hitter when you consider Bingo, Lucie, and Columbia...which speaks loudly and scarily.

Witt and Wallner give us good reason to get that #1 overall pick next year.

BTW, Murphy is back with the Nationals.

Eddie Corona said...

thats what I am looking for 6'5 plus pop... can he play defense too?

Can we actually get a Kris Bryant? or dream of a Carlos Correa? Heck why not a Ken Griffey

Anonymous said...

Murph had a serious knee issue, was why he was out so long. So did Red Sox Pedroia and it looks bad after playing a couple of games on it. Major knee issues.

Callaway is perhaps being a little too optimistic I believe. The problems with this Mets team of current are identical to the last two season really. Did those teams "come out of it?" See my point here.

You have players who did well last season not hitting at all really this one. Older player castoffs too who maybe have lost more than the Mets were hoping. The team is a Category 2 Hurricane, not a Category 5. But it can be repaired with 85% of the guys here now. But it won't be child's play to do it.

I figured "five moves" if everything were to go perfectly and players stay healthy and on the field. It is by no means hopeless here at all, so do not despair in this way.

Five moves and this whole scenario is upgraded and changed in my honest opinion. But it took a lot of research and careful planning. The cupboard down in AAA and AA are not at all bare. The rest are exceedingly precise acquisitions from outside, like just three actually. But spot on.

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