As I write this, the Mets, who were 10 games up at 11-1, are 10 games down at 28-38.

Drastically bad.  

Other than the 11-1 and 5-1 streaks this year, the Mets are 12-36 (.250).  The 1962 Mets were 40-120 (.250).  

Draw your own conclusions.  I've drawn mine.

In the minors, it is so bad, the Mets have been bringing in more journeyman-burn-out pitchers, hitters, and Indy Ball players than Germany is taking in Syrian migrants.

Champagne corks are popped when Las Vegas allows under 10 runs (no cork-popping Friday night, though, when the 51s allowed 15 runs).

Have you ever seen anything like all of this refugee influx into Metsland?  I haven't.  

And the 4 top Mets minors teams that played last night all lost by a collective 28-8, which is, sadly, representative, and Brooklyn was no hit for 6 innings by the opposing starter in their season debut, before finishing with 3 hits, raising some concerns as to front office player selection again in my mind.

It is clearly time to hold try outs at Citifield; there must be some weekend warriors out there that can out-perform, like Tim Tebow who, like him or not, has been one of the Mets' minors 10-15 best hitters this season due to insufficient competition.

I give this team (as I write this Saturday morning) one more week to turn it around.  

Who knows?  Flores could return on fire.

Cesepedes could return, too, with or without a walker.  Heck, Kirk Gibson played hurt worse, and things happened.

Then, assuming the turnaround doesn't happen (and c'mon, why would it?), all you Front Office Dudes:

It's time to get DRASTIC.

DRASTIC - AS IN: Calling up McNeil and Alonso.  

As in next week.

A week in AAA ball is enough of a tune up for the two of them when the hitting drought in Queens has reached biblical proportions.

Maybe, just maybe, they will succeed.

DRASTIC - AS IN: Release Joey Hole-in-Bats and Jose Reyes forthwith, if not already gone when this posts, and call up reasonably hot and competent Kevin Kaczmarski, too.

What is the worst that can happen?  This version of the Youth Movement turning out to be premature, and the team continuing to spiral and we get the number 1 pick next year?

DRASTIC - AS IN: Get ready to deal big before this trading deadline.

Make Mack happy and trade for Seth Beer, who might hit more homers than all the guys the Mets drafted this go-round.  Next time there is a Seth Beer, draft him.  Then celebrate with a beer if you'd like.

DUDES, again: Let's get DRASTIC! 


Thomas Brennan said...

Ha ha! Eric Goeddel has relieved in 12 games for LAD and not allowed a run! Out from under the jinx.

Thomas Brennan said...

I'm sorry, that was on the wrong filter. Goeddel is actually 3-0, 0.45 ERA in 17 games. In 20 innings, 23 Ks.

Thomas Brennan said...

This hurts the Mets' chances of the # 1 pick - Chris Davis the strikeout machine was foolishly signed to a huge, long contract by the O's a few years ago - here is what he is up to, according to a CBS Baltimore article:

Through 57 games this season, (Chris) Davis is hitting just .150 with four homers and 15 RBI while posting just a .227 on-base percentage. He’s struck out 86 times which is nearly triple the number of hits (31) that he’s collected this season. This type of performance is not what the O’s were expecting when they signed Davis to a seven-year, $161 million deal after the 2015 season.

Based on his performance to date, Davis is on pace to finish the season hitting .150/.225/.221 with nine homers, 36 RBI and 211 strike outs against just 46 walks.

Richard Holmes said...

You mention calling up players like Alonso and McNeil from AA, which has some merit, but what happens if they don't immediately succeed? Look at Dom Smith. Last year we were excited about his call-up and had been, just like this year and Alonso, that clamoring for Smith started long before he ever got the call. He hit under the Mendoza line last year and all last winter (before he showed up late to his first exhibition game and then pulled a quad the next day) people were questioning whether or not he was the answer at first base. Now Alonso is the flavor of the month and the clamoring is the same as last year. Do I believe the Mets are a little slow calling up prospects, yes? I also know that any growing pains these rookies experience will result in being kicked to the curb, at least psychologically, by the press and the fan base. The reason they are slow to promote is the front office wants to be sure the player is ready so there will be fewer growing pains and less ammunition from the aforementioned press and fan base.

Mack Ade said...

Take a step back fom the ledge.

This year is toast.

Thomas Brennan said...

Richard, good perspective. Maybe last night's win will be a spark.

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