Mack had to be puzzled...

Why had I not done a Tim Tebow article recently? Amnesia!

So, here is a short one.

Reminder: how many 2nd year pro ball guys (including time in Indy ball) do the Mets have playing in AA?

ANSWER: none.  But Tim Tebow.

Big challenge indeed. He is holding his own, too.

So - Tim Tebow, by month in 2018 AA:

April: .226/.314/.339.  31 Ks in 72 PA (43%)

May: .241/.333/.398.  36 Ks in 95 PA (38%)

June: .286/.348/.405. 11Ks in 46 PA (24%)


I've got to admit - it's getting better.

That is what I see. 

And I have four eyes, folks.  So I see plenty.

The hefty lefty is hitting .255 vs. lefties, too.

His overall AA numbers are not great, but are getting better.

More and more, I think:

We somehow see Tim Tebow at Citifield in September. 

I'll bet you a quarter.

Just know this:

I expect to get my quarterback in Citifield.


Reese Kaplan said...

PT Barnum learned long ago people would pay big money to see a sideshow attraction. The Wilpons agree that there's a sucker born every minute.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Do we really want Tim to take critical on the job training time away from guys like Kaczmarski?

Thomas Brennan said...

Mets are calling up Kaczmarski!! Yeah, baby.

I do not think we'll see Tebow until September, so the time (assuming he gets playing time) for Kevin Kaczmarski to make his mark is now. I am confident he will do well.

Frankly, skills-wise, Tebow may never catch up to Kaczmarski - and even if Tebow does, I don't think it will be before this time next year.

Anonymous said...

Tom B:

In reading some of your more recent post just now, I think CF Kaczmarski is a good call up as well. Could move Michael Conforto over to a corner outfield spot opposite Brandon Nimmo and go with those three.

Personally, I'd trade Juan Lagares from this Mets outfield grouping simply because he gets hurt a lot and has had like what five years to win a starting job here, but has not.

If GM Alderson is tipping his hand about trades upcoming soon, then it might be wise to get all the kids playing time up here now, including Peter Alonso and Jeff McNeil currently down in Vegas so that we can get a look at where they are developmentally. I think both are MLB level talents for certain.

I also think Tim Tebow is making his push for here and the proof of this is that he is hitting better for average and power in June. Never underestimate Tim Tebow.

I also hope Mickey Callaway plays Dominic Smith a lot more so that we can get an accurate read on him now. Wouldn't mind seeing Dominic on third base some too, just to see how he does a few games there. Dominic has a very smooth and quick swing and has taken a wise approach to coming up to the Mets by not trying to hit all homeruns, just hitting level and smooth for singles and doubles.

To be honest, I put Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki ahead of all the catchers on this team currently down through Double A Binghamton. "The Plaw Man" is starting to hit in succession now and his power game has upticked too. He sticks.

"Pitching, pitching, pitching, and more pitching."

I guess that it is possible that one or two current Mets starters "could be moved" in a trade next month or sooner, but I hope not. I think of the five here now, perhaps Steven Matz could be moved in trade. Take that one Wheeler pitch back last night that went grand salami and Zach gets the Mets win.

Steven Matz I cannot figure out and I have tried often. Just when he looks locked in one start, the next is another story altogether. But here's the potential problem with trading current Mets starters. The Mets have virtually no sure-thing starter at either AAA Vegas or AA Binghamton at current. All they have is maybe Nabil Crismatt at Binghamton and that is about it. So the Mets would have to get a decent younger starter back for someone decent that they trade. And that is asking for a lot I think, because what contending team vying for the playoffs can afford getting rid of a decent younger starter for ours?

I do not yet buy into Corey Oswalt. I am concerned about his fastball speed, and Chris Flexen I felt needed to stay up here to get more innings in on the Mets mound, just to see if he is actually close to sticking here.

So really, the Mets have Crismatt and that's about it unless they take my advice and develop reliever Drew Smith into a starter. He has the stats and pitch selection to do this, but may still need to gain a little more location control. There is absolutely no risk here with this type of move because the Mets are loaded with relievers at Vegas and Binghamton to cover it, and they all throw very hard too.

The current Mets bullpen seems heading into the right direction now, ridding themselves of some of the relievers of recent having little to no success at this MLB level. I do think Seth Lugo is a better reliever than starter, and I like Seth and Robert Gsellman for a later on righty tandem.

With Jeurys Familia, maybe he could rediscover his starting pitcher dream when he came up. It's just a question of two things with this: A. Would he agree to such an idea to start again after all this time relieving? B. Is his arm still completely sound?

Jeurys came up in a NY Mets surplus good starter era and was relegated to relief where he did pretty well (I thought) closing. He is not too old for such a bold move to the rotation again, and he may be more natural at starting than Seth Lugo.

Thomas Brennan said...

Anonymous, lots of good points...

Kacz could be another Him No...but needs to add pop.

Familia in rotation? Don't see that one.

Drew Smith seems targeted to relieve. Hopefully, Lugo can get back into the rotation full time.

I still think Matz will normalize at SP 3 level.

McNeil at 3rd before we ever see Smith there.

Crimatt seems an intriguing future # 5.

Thomas Brennan said...

Tebow 17 June games: .304/.360/.478. ONLY the end of first half of his 2nd year, in AA. NO JOKE?

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