Mike Freire - Litmus Test (Update)


OK, so some of you may recall that I submitted an article last week that served as an update for the Mets' season, along with a reference to the next fifteen games on the schedule as a litmus test of sorts.  At the time, I likened the Mets to a "crazy bull rider" and the 2018 season as the angry bull that was in the process of throwing them to the ground.   Odd?  Perhaps, but the imagery was interesting at least, right?

So, at the time of the original article, the Mets had a five game set at home that included two games against a horrible Baltimore squad and then three against a very strong New York Yankees squad.   The Mets proceeded to lose four of the five games, to include getting swept by the aforementioned Orioles, which is almost unfathomable

Now that the "easy part" of the fifteen game stretch has passed, the Mets have ten games remaining and all of them are on the road against Atlanta (two games), Arizona (four games) and Colorado (four games).  The Braves and Diamondbacks are leading their respective divisions and the Rockies are in playoff contention so
things may not get much better before the club returns to New York the following Friday (06-22-18).

Focusing on the present for a moment, the Mets have a record of 28-34 and are sitting 7.5 games behind the Braves and Nationals who are tied for the division lead (yes, the Nationals are creeping back into contention).  The Mets are also 7.5 games out of the second Wild Card position so there isn't an "easier path" to a possible playoff berth right now. 

***Actually, the Mets are actually closer to the Reds (seven games) who are the worst team in the NL, then they are to playoff contention.  The mere mention of the Mets and the playoffs is probably a bit disrespectful since they are 17-33 (.340) since the "hot start" to the season (i.e. sinking fast).

Granted, if you are performing a litmus test, you are supposed to wait until the test is completely finished before drawing any conclusions.  With ten more games to go for this "test" I suppose all we can really do is watch and see what happens (my
guess is a 2-8 road trip and a record of 30-42 by the time the dust settles, but I like to be wrong in these instances).

Despite the doom and gloom, I think the collapse has shown everyone that the roster is a mess and a new direction is needed (despite what Sandy says publicly).  It may have already started with with the release of Adrian Gonzalez and the promotion of Dominic Smith (fingers crossed).

However, there is much more work to be done.



Reese Kaplan said...

If you bring the matches, I'll light the fuse. Blow it up and start over again, even if it means trading Jacob deGrom. You need to replenish the barren farm system with young TALENT, not merely warm bodies.

Mike Freire said...

I agree......you have to establish a "time line" for a return to relevance, IMO. If you think it is three seasons down the road, then anyone that will not be around to help by then should be exchanged for pieces that will be.

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