Mets College Junior Starters Drafted by Sandy


I was asked earlier today how long it would take David Peterson, who is now pitching in St. Lucie, to get to Queens as a starter.

I said 2020, using the obvious Mets slow plan of Binghamton/Syracuse next year (2019) and a Queens rotation slot (if everything worked out) in 2020.

I was questioned if I was estimating this too be too long because 2020 would be the 4th year as a Met.

What’s Sandy’s history here?

           2011:             Logan Verrett                     2015                          4 seasons

                                   Tyler Pill                               2017                     6 seasons

           2012:             Matt Koch                            2016 (Ariz)              4 seasons

           2013:             none

           2014:             Gabriel Llanes                    still in minors          5 seasons

           2015:             P J Conlon                            2018                       3 seasons

These are the college starters Sandy and Company have drafted in the first 20 rounds of his first five drafts.

Five starters out of 100 picks.

Not ever impressive, but the point is that the range a college starter will make Queens… on this team… is in the 4-5 year range.

That makes my prediction of four years for Peterson within range of Sandy’s history here.


Thomas Brennan said...

I think we get Peterson mid-2019, which would be his 3rd year. Tim Peterson already broke the Peterson glass ceiling for David.

Eddie Corona said...

Thanks Mack for the facts...
These stats are awful... I don't know if this is actually consistent across MLB but if so then we should only draft High Upside with the Highest ceiling Prospects...
it takes them forever to arrive they may as well be amazing when they do

Although the Nats and braves say otherwise...
Talent is talent at any age

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