Mike Freire - So, How Is Everyone Else Doing?


I would like to think that most of the folks that read this blog are Mets' fans, as well as baseball fans as a whole.  As depressing as it is to follow our beleaguered ball club, it is still interesting to follow the sport and all of the other teams.

With that said, I wanted to take a look at how the rest of baseball was doing.  We are roughly 40% of the way through the season so trends at this point have much more validity then how a team played over the first 12 games, or so (yeah, that was a shot at our favorite team, I couldn't resist).

Best Record - New York Yankees (by percentage points over the Red Sox)

              42-19 (.689) and on pace for an impressive record of 112-50!

Worst Record - Baltimore Orioles (who swept the Mets last week, in New York)

              17-46 (.292) and on pace for a horrible record of 47-115

***For those of you that are curious, the Mets are currently 28-34 (.451) and on pace for a 73-89 finish.  However, they are 17-34 after the hot start, which equates to a much poorer final record of 55-107 (ugh).

What about the playoffs, if things ended today?

Your AL teams would be NYY, SEA, CLE, BOS and HOU

Your NL teams would be WAS, CHI, AZ, MIL and ATL

***Keep an eye on the Nationals (tied for first) and the Dodgers (now over .500) who are both contenders who got off to slow starts.  However, both are heating up and will likely win their respective divisions by the time October rolls around.

***The listed potential playoff fields are loaded with quality teams and should make for an excellent playoff season (especially the AL side of the ledger).

Oh and since we are tracking the Mets (to an extent), you may have noticed that they are NOT listed in the section with potential playoff teams.  If you look a bit lower in the standings, they are currently tied for the eighth worst record in the sport, which means they would have a fairly high draft pick in 2019.  At the rate they are going, I don't think a top five pick is out of the question (but that is a story for a different day).

In closing, despite the Mets' lack of success, there are a bunch of excellent story lines developing in MLB this year. The pennant races should be entertaining and I think the ensuing playoff schedule could be legendary.  So, if you are a bit fatigued as a Mets' fan, it is OK to take a look around the league once in a while and enjoy some of the good baseball that is taking place (for a change).


Reese Kaplan said...

Good baseball is an oxymoron in the Wilpon universe to rival jumbo shrimp, business ethics or military intelligence.

Thomas Brennan said...

Current projected ranking for 2019 draft from Las Vegas oddsmakers:

1) Baltimore

2) Cincinnati

3) North Korea

4) Mets

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, is Jenrry Mejia an oxy-moron?

Eddie Corona said...

Sad that the hot start may have cost us the top pick...not can we just fire Sandy so we can start a new...

Reese Kaplan said...

I think he's more of an oxycontin moron (that's unfair...his drugs of choice are PEDs, not narcotics).

Thomas Brennan said...

I miss Jennry!

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