Once upon a time, there used to be a PBS TV program called the The MacNeil/Lehrer Report.

I didn't watch it, but it ran for years.  The show didn't interest me in the least, whereas other things, like the Mets, did.

Look up Wikipedia if you want to learn more about this old TV news show.  I'm too busy to go there.

I will tell you that both of these gentlemen have long since retired.   So today, they are more irrelevant to me than ever.

These days, however, we need something far more relevant to Mets fans: 

The McNeil/Alonso Report. 

How are our big slugging prospects doing?

Both have been making REAL news this season.

We all know of their amazing derring-do in AA from early April through mid-June.  Some teams might rush them to the majors. 

But first they need (according to wiretapped recordings of conversations between John "RICO ACT" Ricco and Hurricane Sandy Alderson) to accumulate many more at bats in Las Vegas, to show this early season super-surge is not a fluke, so off to Sin City they go.

So, how are the Mets' version of the Bash Brothers doing since being assigned to AAA? 

Let's do an news expose on them, shall we?

Through Wednesday's games, evidence has been unearthed to show that Peter Alonso (a/k/a Pounding Pete) has 4 hits, 2 walks, and 2 RBIs in his first 4 AAA games, all in hitter-normal Oklahoma City. 


Jeff "Hit Man" McNeil, it has been revealed through close and reliable sources who accessed classified documents, has 6 hits, 2 walks, and 4 RBIs in 4 games in OKC too. 

REAL nice.

So there you have it, concerned Mets citizens. 

We will be providing more incisive "True News" updates to you on this nefarious (and surely sometimes hilarious) duo as soon as we have more to report to you. 

News you need to know.

We will not be reporting on Vladimir Jr. hitting over .400.

Why?  Too much Russian news propaganda, comrades.

Now, Alfred Hitchcock is telling us it is time to for a word from our sponsors.

So until next time, listen for air raid sirens when Jason Vargas is pitching - your very survival may require you to rush for cover as the bombs fall. 

Thank you, concerned citizens of Metsville, and good night.


Mack Ade said...

Morning Tom -

I just don't see any movement to Queens for either of these guys in July.

You first have to make room on the 25-man for Noah Syndergaard, Jay Bruce, and Yoenes Cespedes.

The Mets currently have 7 infielders on the 25-man, with one playing LF. He will probably return to Vegas when both Yo and Bruce are activated.

The only chance of a Queens promotion in July for either (or both) McNeil and Alonso is a trade.

BTW... did you ever thing that the promotion of Dom to Queens, and playing literally everyday is him being showcased for a future trade?

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, I had not thought of the showcasing of Smith for a trade. Makes great sense.

Unless they feel Alonso will be less than the sum of the parts when he gets to the majors, I don't see moving him in a trade.

I want this team reassembled. I love it that they finally hit, scoring so many runs in Colorado, but still lost 2 of 3. Losses with hitting are so much easier to take than pitching well and never scoring.

Losses will precipitate a reset. I want a reset.

Reese Kaplan said...

Do-overs went out of style in the playground. What you see is what you get with seemingly little inclination to improve things.

Mack Ade said...

It is impossible to judge ++ hitting and -- pitching in Coors Field.

It's a Big Boy PCL situation.

Mike Freire said...

Is there a better name in baseball then Pete "The Pounder" Alonso?

Thomas Brennan said...

Mike, I love Pounding Pete - and Jeff McNeil saying Alonso has "stupid raw power"

Mike Freire said...

Here's hoping both of them have a future with the Mets......Pete at 1B and Jeff as our "super" utility guy? (our Ben Zobrist?)

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