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         Top 2019 Prospects - Riley Greene     OF       Hagerty   
           PG Grade: 10 - Riley Greene is a 2019 OF/LHP with a 6-2 180 lb. frame from Oviedo, FL who attends Hagerty HS. Large, athletic frame with square shoulders and long limbs, lean and projectable build with quick-twitch muscle and plenty of physical projection remaining. Ran a 6.81 60-yard dash. Lefthanded hitter, begins with an upright stance and shows nice balance through load and into point of contact. Gets the barrel extended out front with an easy path and generates lots of natural leverage off the bat. Loose hands help drive the ball with ease to all fields, shows present jump and strength but still projects very well moving forward with additional physicality. Named to Junior National Top Prospect List. Very good student. Verbal commitment to Florida.

          Two Million Baseball Fans Are Missing –

           Rob Manfred, MLB owners, players: we have a problem. Some of your ticket buyers are missing. In fact, nearly two million of them.

As we approach the official beginning of summer and the midpoint of the baseball season, attendance is down by about 2,000 per game, or 6.7%, relative to a year ago.

MLB attendance has generally and gradually been declining since its peak of 79.48 million fans in 2007. That was 32,696 per contest. The average per-game figure fell below 30,000 last year for the first time since 2003.

John Sickles on Peter Alonso -

    As noted, his error rates have been very high for a first baseman. This issue is a little better this year but not by much, his fielding percentage this year standing at .986.

While you can live with a few extra errors from a player who has good range, Alonso isn’t that type of first baseman; Baseball America for example describing him in their 2018 report as an “uncoordinated, slow-bodied defender” who needs to make significant improvements to be playable. Too many errors combined with poor range won’t cut it.

It should be noted that spring training reports on his glove were positive, one source telling BA that Alonso’s “footwork has improved, and his recognition off the bat has gotten better. . .he has improved on popups and is working on glove-side grounders. His throwing is solid.”

So far those reported improvements are only showing up in a marginal way within the regular season boxscores. Still, all agree that Alonso has worked quite hard at improving his glove and even if the results are not everything hoped yet, he still has a chance to be acceptable down the line.

Bottom line: his defense still needs more work but the offense is definitely real. I’d move him up to a straight Grade B prospect now with more possible depending on how his glove progresses and assuming he continues mashing once he arrives in AAA.

MLB has a bad baseball problem that's only getting worse –

   In an era when athletes are bigger, stronger and faster, something has gone dreadfully wrong with our glorious pastime.

Players are striking out more than at any time, an alarming 22.5 percent of all plate appearances. We are on pace for more strikeouts than hits –  18,613 strikeouts compared to 18,136 hits entering Wednesday's non-action.

Grading The Deal: Nationals Nab Kelvin Herrera To Improve Bullpen –

    Grade for Nationals: A - The Nationals had the desire to improve the bullpen and they did so. They paid what seems to be an extremely fair cost for said upgrade and they now have him quite a bit earlier than normal. That means Herrera will be around for more innings and provide more value to his team in their attempt to make it back to the postseason in a surprisingly challenging season. If I'm Washington GM Mike Rizzo, I do this deal every time.


Thomas Brennan said...

If Peter Alonso hits 3 homers and drives in seven each night, and makes a bunch of miscues, I will accept that trade off in a heartbeat.

Peter, and the Mets organization's best current hitter Jeff McNeil (.336/.406/.618), have hit the ground scorching for Las Vegas.

Trade who we have to, and get them both up to Queens STAT!

Because the Mets SUCK, plain and simple. Those two don't SUCK.

Two million fans missing? Most are missing in Queens. And for good reason. Cespedes is missing, too.

Kelvin Herrera? The Mets don't target fellas like him - the Mets target BUMS.

TexasGusCC said...

Glad to hear he’s working hard. Always wondered why after 2015 didn’t work hard on his defense. Gabe up that quick? I’d trade Cabrera already and put Wilmer at second for a half year everyday, and see how it goes. There’s room for McNeil because the Mets need higher average and contact hitters.

But what they really lost and never replaced because The Snob doesn’t see the need, is Daniel Murphy. A high average hitter with pop. Those guys are called MVPs, and while I have eaten crow too about a BS 1st round pick, I would sign Murphy in the off season and put him at third base.

Redo the lineup with Smith in the outfield, Alonso, McNeil, Flores, Murphy. Strikeouts would go way down, and production would shoot straight up.

TexasGusCC said...

Sorry about that. It read before something went wrong:

Glad to their he’s working hard. Always wondered why Flores didn’t work hard on his defense. Seems like after 2015 he was moved around, but he gave up that quick? I’d trade Cabrera and put Flores at second base for half a year and see how it goes.

Mack Ade said...

Texas -

I watched Flores play and practice for two seasons in Savannah. He just isn't fast and doesn't have the feet to play ++ infield defense.

Thomas Brennan said...

Texas Gus, if Murph proves to be durable and to still "have it", I'd not mind his return. Just keep in mind Gimenez should be read in 2020, so it can't be too long term.

Mack Ade said...

What's going on today is a joke and a statement about how bad this team is currently operating.

Here e had a team that had 7-8 starters and now we can't even find a 5th.

I hope for a spectacular failure today. Like 20 runs against us.

Maybe it will finally start the fan revolt I have asked for.

Thomas Brennan said...

A Revolt. 20-42 in last 62 games is revolting.

Back to Alonso:

After recovering from his broken hand last spring, since June 19, 2017, here are his #'s thru 6/23/18:

143 games, 519 at bats, 38 doubles, 34 homers, 120 RBI, .319.

Not too revolting.

TexasGusCC said...

Mack, is he not good enough to just play adequately? There are planets of offensive second baseman out there, and while he’s too slow to hit for a high average, his hitting approach should lead to good run production and a .275 average or so.

Flexen should pitch most of the game, but he flew all night. They learned from Pill and Warren last year that it’s too much pressure for those circumstances. Why starting Blevins though, your only left hander, I don’t know.

Reese Kaplan said...

They could have reached into AA for starter Marcos Molina and accomplished two things -- had someone relatively local who didn't need a redeye flight and see just how good or bad he is. On paper he's awful, but if so, why does he still possess a spot on the 40-man roster.

Nah, that would have required thinking things through...instead they take their worst reliever and make him into a starter knowing full well if they get 3 IP it's a lot.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese - correct. Molina has been 100% terrible all season - how CAN he still be on 40 man? Seems impossible.

Mack Ade said...

Texas -

Flores is the perfect utility infielder.

He plays all 4 positions 'adequately to fairly well'.

He's gotten better year after year though he will never win a Golden Glove.

Lastly, he's great in the dugout and clubhouse and... well, we know he can hit.

Bob Gregory said...


deGrom has had a couple human performances (unlike his superhuman performances that has built his incredible era)

Given this and the injury curse possessed by the Met organization.....

Best to trade him now before his maximum trade value falls

TexasGusCC said...

I said that I would move him. There is no up from here, just down. He is 30 y.o. But, I wont give him away unless I'm satisfied. Even if it's the Yankees, whoever gives me the biggest haul.

Anonymous said...

Interesting posts today covering a wide range of topics and opinions, which was fun to read.

On what is going on now with the parent ball club? They are (I think) doing the right thing and trying to find out who and what they have here and close in the minors, calling up people now. I applaud this with great respect.

Looks like the Mets may have a second baseman down at AAA (Jeff McNeil) about ready to come up here for his chance, stats are indicating. Could move Cabrera over to third base maybe. But Asdrubal's range has been affected by his leg injury I think. Third might prove better for him. Maybe platoon with Frazier there.

Beyond the obvious things, like waiting on first baseman Peter Alonso and maybe getting Peter some first base tutoring by the dean of first base...Keith Hernandez, seeing how Tyler Bashlor and Tim Peterson do out in the pen over a longer stretch of time, also waiting on Dave Roseboom (a much needed lefty reliever) please soon, please soon, wondering about pitchers like Drew Smith starting, Nabil Crismatt, maybe too lefty Daniel Zamora who all are getting close, dreaming about 2020 when lefty David Peterson will finally be ready for his shot here, hoping David Thompson can get 100% well and up here soon (David Wright too!)...Everything appears to be right on track here and now. It all begins now.

On Wilmer Flores

The man plays really well for like three games in a row. So why not capitalize on this? Most weeks have six Mets games in it, right? So maybe use Wilmer three games and Dominic three? Makes some sense I think. Until one takes it completely over.

On Dominic Smith

To my eyes, Dominic Smith has one of the best and smoothest batting mechanic swings on this team. I don't care if he can bunt, to be quite frank here. The Mets don't need "small ball" in my opinion, they just need to do what they have not done here in like a decade, manufacture runs.

I don't want Dominic Smith getting that many bunt signs or bunt opportunities really. It's not what he does best. Just let the guy hit away for goodness sakes. If I had a swing like his, I'd still be playing somewhere. Let the man hit away! We want Dominic to grow and get himself ready as a major leaguer with that smootht and powerful swing...a player.

Keep on playing Dominic Smith. Three games at first sharing with Wilmer Flores there, and then a couple of games in left field too maybe.

Amed and Jose

Platooning both at short does make some sense as they have been doing as of lately. Jose is the perfect teach to Amed.

Kevin "The Plawman"

Let him play and bat as much as humanly possible. I think that Kevin is gelling and his batting numbers will only go up from here if he can get into the games more.

On The Rotation

I like the notion of three righties and two lefties. The Mets have three really good righties right now. Just need two lefties. Simple math. There are players out there that might fit in well here. Like maybe a Jalen Beeks, or a Eduardo Rodriquez from Boston. In other words players like that and there are several very good lefty starters out there in MLB too.

On The Bullpen

"The tide is high and I am holding on." - Blondie circa 1980. No, actually the bullpen is forming now. I still like Seth Lugo better there with Roberto Gsellman, Timothy Peterson, and now Tyler Bashlor. That's four good young arms right there and the Mets have like 3-4 more solid young relievers down in the minors as well, hopefully one being Dave Roseboom and soon.

What to do with Jeurys Familia?

Outside of maybe converting him to a starter again, I am not so sure. If the Mets could land another "Spiderman" like Boston's, Jeurys could be a really good set-up man as well. But "Spidermen" do not grow on trees, only webs! LOL

Anonymous said...

The Right Now

I was really sad to hear about GM Sandy Alderson's health scenario yesterday, but like he said himself, he can and will beat this. I want to wish the very best to GM Alderson and his entire family!

With respect, I do disagree with GM Alderson's assessment that he is leaving this NY Mets team with team building regrets for the franchise and all of us NY Mets fans. I may be stubborn (actually very) but I do not see this franchise as really disappointing at all right now. Sure, there have been games the Mets should have won, but you have to realize that this really is now a youth movement going on here and time will smooth this all out.

What I do see here is a NY Mets team on the precipice of a whole brand new era, with many pieces here now in place and most of the remaining pieces within the Mets MiLB family and close.

Look for yourself, at Vegas: 1B Peter Alonso (18 HR, .307 BA), 2B Jeff McNeil (14 HR,.350 BA), INF Gavin Cecchini (.294 BA), and soon 3B David Thompson. At Binghamton: There is a plethora of good young pitchers, like SRP Nabil Crismatt, SLP Daniel Zamora, RRP's Matt Blackman, Adonis Uceta, Ryder Ryan ("The New Express"), Joshua Torres and LRP Dave Roseboom. Seven pitchers. And don't forget fan favorite outfielder Tim Tebow too. All told, twelve players close. Not bad at all Mr. Alderson and thank you sir!

Now let's briefly talk...

Over this nine week season thus far, we've seen these younger players continue to emerge: OF Brandon Nimmo, OF Michael Conforto (shoulder injuries take time and are not immediately healed up because they have to be exercised back into top condition over a period of time), OF Dominic Smith, C Kevin Plawecki ("The Plaw Man"), Seth Lugo, Roberto Gsellman, Tyler Bashlor, Tim Peterson (nice win last night bucko!), INF Luis Guillorme, SS Amed Rosario, and recently 125 mph righty fastball reliever Gerson Bautista. Again, not bad at all Mr. S!

I like Reese Kaplan's blog today. I concur with his assessment of this team at present. This really is the very start of the NY Mets new era of winning baseball and with a few tweaks, I fully believe that this franchise will be well on its way to playoff contention baseball again and beyond.

So you see no regrets are needed.

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