Excellent Trade With Boston


I just got back from covering a local high school volleyball match and I got caught up on all the hooplah regarding the Billy Wagner trade.

Many of the blog sites are speculating that one of the players they will receive is 1B/OF Chris Carter, who's dying of old age at 26.
This is the start of a great trade for the Mets.
1. Billy Wagner was gone after this year. There was no way the Mets were going to resign him. He no longer was the Mets closer and the Mets had two choices here; put him on waivers, or wait it out for supplemental picks.
2. I don't want supplemental picks, especially with the way the Mets have been drafting under the Omar administration. Just what the team would need is another Nathan Vineyard or Steven Holmes.
3. The Mets don't need 22-year old prospects, they need players that can help turn this team around next year. These two players that will come from Boston are found money. There are deep holes in the Mets organization when it comes to outfielders who can hit for power.
4. Just take a look at his last 4 years:
2006: AA 509-AB - 19-HR - 97-RBI - .301/.395/.483/878
2007: AAA 503-AB - 18-HR - 84-RBI - .324/.383/.521/904
2008: AAA 470-AB - 24-HR - 81-RBI - .300/.356/.515/.871
2009: AAA 394 AB - 14-HR - 54-RBI - .279/340/.439/779
Is there something wrong with this? He has a lifetime .885 OPS and he's only 26 years old.
5. Again... just a reminder... free money here...
6. Some blog sites are saying all the Mets are going to get is another Daniel Murphy, with power. And I guess that's a bad thing.
7. Other say his fielding sucks... well, another name for "another Daniel Murphy with power who's fielding sucks" is Adam Dunn, another guy most Mets fans never wanted. Yeah, why would you want the only person in baseball to hit 40 home runs a year for the past three seasons?
8. One more thing... there's another "free money player" still coming, and the only reason he hasn't been named is this is the only way to deal a player who is on your 40-man squad without clearling waivers first.... wait untilthe whole deal is done.
9. And lastly, the Mets have not has a cross dresser in all the years I've been around them. What's wrong with Omar pulling Carter out of the... err... closet and giving him a chance to add a new dimension to the team.
10. Oh yeah... I forgot... he did a hell of a job directing all those X-Files shows too.


Clyde said...

I don't know if you're being too optimistic, but, darn, it's nice to read something about this deal (or anything else Mets-related) that isn't totally negative.

Anonymous said...

I don't why fans are crazy for supplemental picks. Sure there is a chance you might draft a David Wright but there is much better chance that you draft a Nathan Vineyard type. I went back and looked at all the late first round, sandwich and second round picks from 2002-2004 and out of those 164 picks as of 2009, only 25 percent have any impact on the major league level beyond a cup of coffee five to seven years down the road.

Anonymous said...

Worst case with a supplemental pick you get somebody no worse than an out of options 27 year old (before the end of this season) who can't even cut it as a major league bench player.....

I'd rather have a couple random players that still have some upside, not somebody that has already peaked as a career minor leaguer.

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